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Cambridge Crepes

12 Sidney St, Cambridge CB2 3HG, United Kingdom

Cambridge Crepes
Takeout restaurant
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644C+4G Cambridge, United Kingdom
+44 7708 432782
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Shu-Mei Tan
Shu-Mei Tan
This delightful crepe stall that offers Vegan Buckwheat Crepes! I’m so happy listened to customer demands and kept this option till today! The staff here are absolute gems – friendly and always puts a smile on my face when I stop by. As I mostly prefer savoury over sweet, my go to is usually the vegan buckwheat crepe topped with Mushrooms & Spinach topped with Black Pepper & Chili Sauce, a winning combo to me! The vegan buckwheat crepe is still nice and thin and chewy with a denser texture (cause of the buckwheat) along with earthy taste which I really enjoy. I definitely recommend Cambridge crepes, especially when you are feeling peckish from your shopping in the city centre. I'm hoping that they will start stocking more vegan topping options too (like, uhmmm, VEGAN CHEESE PLEASE?)
David Comyn
David Comyn328 days ago
This place has one of the best crepes that I have had in all my time living in Cambridge. I think that they deserve the 5 star rating
Ruby1 year ago
really nice crepe, bit on the pricey side but what can you expect. the owner explained to me that they are 100% safe for gluten free and that they wipe down everything before they make gluten free😁
Josh Thompson
Josh Thompson1 year ago
Super friendly and helpful staff! Gluten free options available and was super reassuring for my coeliac partner, absolutely would recommend for an on the go snack or a savoury filling
Renard T
Renard T1 year ago
Went to their blue food truck - 5 employees (most of them students if I would have to guess), 6 crepe plates, only 4 customers waiting for their crepes to be prepared, and I spent 10 minutes waiting for a simple apple-cinnamon crepe (which eventually was having barely any noticeable cinnamon). I have never waited that long for a crepe and for a food truck with that many employees it was a weak performance. Overall crepe taste was good, though likely similar to other crepe stands in the city center.
Khalid Chaudary
Khalid Chaudary2 years ago
An exciting way to eat Crepes!!! The owner of that place is extremely nice and patient while taking order and explains each and everything on the menu if you have any questions. A wide variety of crepes, so many toppings and customizations available for your crepe. Order your crepe and wait for the goodness. Service is fast and timely, and in no time you'll have your crepe rolled up in your hand. I do have to add, they are not your traditional crepe you get on a plate, but rather rolled up. The food is delicious. Check it out.
Pihla sutinen
Pihla sutinen2 years ago
lovely staff and tasty crepes (especially the gluten free and vegan ones)
Azeem Bux
Azeem Bux2 years ago
Lovely crepes with a massive menu, lovely staff - Service with a smile, every time! Highly recommend!
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