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Somboon Thai Shop

153 Sidwell St, Exeter, EX4 6RT, United Kingdom

Somboon Thai Shop
Thai restaurant
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Char Er
Char Er
Interesting concept of Thai grocery shop + casual noodle restaurant. They only do noodles (all £8.95) and they do them very well. I'm not familiar with Thai noodle soups but have tried the beef, chicken, and chicken + pork and all have been very good. Each comes with its own tasty broth base, your choice of two types of noodles, and some veg. Flavours are nuanced, full, and authentically Southeast Asian. This is not (thank goodness) your typical bland and dumbed down version of generic "oriental noodle soup" that is, sadly, the standard in the city. Portions are good, friendly and helpful service, and clean premises.

There is a huge void of local, super casual restaurants that have very good food Exeter and very happy to see this place open. The fact that it's only been a week since they started serving food and they are already so busy is testament to the fact that more of these types of eateries are sorely lacking.

Update: Agree with the other reviewer that a downside is the handling of orders at busy times. An indication of how long the wait might be and perhaps better organization would go a long way in making the experience smoother during peak times.
Tanapoom Chansawang
Tanapoom Chansawang
Great Thai noodle shop in Exeter. The taste was good though a little bit too sweet. You could add in any flavor you like - they provided you with the set of spices. And this is quite a traditional way to have the Thai noodle, make your owen flavor! The roasted chilly oil paste was so good, fragrance, and have an authentic taste. The Thai style vinegar (with mashed chilly) was also nice.

The staffs were very friendly and polite. The food and drink took little bit longer time to prepare than they were supposed to be. Perhaps, this is because there were only two staffs doing everything in the restaurant. But it would worth your time to wait. The price is reasonable.
Phoebe Choi
Phoebe Choi
The best Thai noodles in the UK! I want to go back again when I return to Liverpool from Cornwall. 🇹🇭🥹
Rick Hustwick
Rick Hustwick
Amazing chicken rice and noodles (again!). This is the best Thai sit in dining in Exeter. The staff are so lovely and the food is to die for. It is always packed during lunch time so go after 2pm if you don't want to queue up.
Wonder Markus
Wonder Markus
Authentic Thai noodle soup! Love it 😀
Thai style coffee is alright but mot recommend its just ICE its not even sweet they could add some more sugar i definitely recommend this place for the food 🤤
Agata Obidowicz
Agata Obidowicz
The best Thai food ever! Ive been in Thailand and this food is the only one that really taste like proper Thai food! I love small menu, all freshly cooked. Not like all those mass production greasy take aways. Every time im in Exeter - chicke noodle soup is a must! And all my friends that are ever visiting me are taken on compulsory trip to this amazing, friendly place 🥰
Parichat Pingjai
Parichat Pingjai28 days ago
Delicious 😋 Really nice , noodles.
Mummy Lili
Mummy Lili58 days ago
I love the noodles here, I order the beef dumplings and wash it down with a refreshing glass of authentic Thai milk tea. You get the choice to add the spices and other sauces yourself, just like in Thailand!
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