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59 Ray St, Heanor DE75 7GF, United Kingdom

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2J7V+57 Heanor, United Kingdom
+44 1773 764562
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Mark Weightman
Mark Weightman
A charity shop. Not exactly a must see for architectural student, looking more like a warehouse but worth a visit for anything from a three-piece suite to a book. You can also have a drink and something to eat at the cafe.
Christopher Marshall
Christopher Marshall
For a small community bussiness the food is brillent in the cafe and superb prices. Well worth a visit. The actualy prices for the furniture on sale in the shop is a bit steep considering its been donated by the local communitie
Kel MisFit
Kel MisFit
Women who served me today was rude. Had to go find her to get served first then I tried to pay for my books with a £10, put it in the til, started getting my change then put it back in the til to then give me my £10 back and said we have no change. And that was that. No apology no nothing. No change no service apparently.
WildMoorArts Psychotherapy and Therapeutic Retreats
WildMoorArts Psychotherapy and Therapeutic Retreats
Was lucky to do a workshop here, I was really impressed with the amount of support that Salcare offers. Escape the DV service is run by amazing people and watching the shop and warehouse go above and beyond for someone that had nothing was good to see! If you need help you should go to Salcare!
Jess Wright
Jess Wright
Salcare has been a incredible place of support for me... I needed a foodbank and the staff were kind and helped, they gave me advice and helpd my situation
Siobhan O'neill
Siobhan O'neill170 days ago
Bought items for home delivery, unfortunately the small man with a red face who appeared to be in charge of delivery had an attitude, it was obvious he had nark on as he got out the van it was written all over his face as I said good morning to him, and at points was quite rude whilst in my home. Doubt I'll shop there again
Paul Brealey
Paul Brealey292 days ago
They claim to help the homeless, people on low income and destitute. Well personal experience twice now proves it's all a fraud and lies. Get referred from job centre for a food bank parcel. They acted and spoke to me like the person dealing with it was taking it out of their own kitchen. Contents.... Useless couldn't make a single meal let alone 3 days worth of food.good job I don't have any food allergies as they never asked. Secondly I found myself homeless through a relationship breakdown with my life in 2 bin liners and half a dozen carrier bags. Managed to get an unfurnished flat. Salcate do ( or supposed to do ) a house pack of furniture etc to get you started. Enquired and after telling me they don't do them, then changing their mind, I am still waiting over 3 months later for a call to get things sorted. I am an insulin dependent diabetic who can't store life saving medication, am sleeping on the bedroom floor as no bed, can't cook, wash clothes as no appliances in kitchen. They sure know how to treat you when you are rock bottom!
Sandra Fenton
Sandra Fenton2 years ago
I applauded Salcare for what the do, But... when offered something in excellent condition for free to help others and they turn it down cause of colour or size I'm disgusted. A charity that are fussy on colour and size is wrong in my opinion. Its like saying sorry we don't take change we only take notes. I could understand if i was wanting money for the 3 units and boxes of CDs and DVDs all in good condition. You would think they would be grateful
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