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station City & County of, High St, Swansea SA1 1NU, United Kingdom

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J3G5+3G Swansea, UK
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RandomDefaultGamer233 days ago
Very well managed. Maybe a little small for the size of the city but manages all the trains. Platforms are well covered and a lot of seating areas are to be found. Costa coffee is located between Platform 2 and 3. Every platform is wheelchair accessible. We have a range of train connections, from direct trains on the Swansea-London mainline to local Transport for Wales trains.
C263 days ago
Close to city centre.There's a Tesco Extra opposite which has the great value meal deal with Costa coffee option for £3 ( also a Gregg's) so avoid the overpriced Costa cafe at station! Ticket machines, free toilets (behind the ticket barrier), small but warm waiting room. All in all basic but charming station.
Zara Almazidi
Zara Almazidi294 days ago
I’m glad that costa has closed down, or maybe it is temporarily closed! They make the worst coffee in that branch. Hope something else opens up instead of it. The train station has a tiny WH Smith shop in it, and that is it! Pretty boring station that needs to be jujed up!

Also, if you’re an international student, you’re most likely to be interacting with two particular taxis who are really racist that are always parked in the taxi lane outside the train station! Usually at night time. Two grumpy racist taxis who I have encountered multiple times. One told my sister, who was visiting for my graduation, that she’s ‘stupid’!!!!! And on another train trip coming back to Swansea from Cardiff, another taxi driver outside the train station was refusing to take me and my father who was also visiting and was giving us a face expressions as if he was smelling something nasty. He even almost ran over girls trying to cross the road and cussed at them! This man and the other one who called my sister ‘stupid’ are not new… and they’re racist/ hateful behaviour is not new.. have encountered their rudeness myself couple of times as I travel around quite a bit, but they were exceptionally hateful this time when my family was here for my graduation. So rude and so unprofessional. Used to always tell my family how nice and kind the locals are in Swansea… but my family is not taking my word on that anymore. Can’t blame them!
Lisa325 days ago
I called in on the 1.8.22 to purchase tickets for a short UK holiday. I had not used the train for a long time. Tracy in the ticket office was wonderful, very patient and friendly. She gave us a good deal on the tickets and explained that by buying a Friends & Family rail card we would reduce our ticket prices by quite a lot. She explained in simple terms our three connections and gave us a print out of our connections with the tickets. Excellent service. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip and can use our friends & family rail card for future journeys.
Queeny2012xxxx325 days ago
Some of the staff in the ticket booking office are exceptional. (The stars are for them)
Train services could be better, hopefully they will improve
20Cooky041 year ago
Spacious platforms and nice views over East Swansea, much nicer than Cardiff Central
Rhys Davies
Rhys Davies2 years ago
Going here for the first time made me nervous, it was my first time getting on a train. I was surprised by how easy it was to buy a ticket at the ticket booth. They ask you where you want to go?, 1 way or 2 way? And then you're good to go. The ticket and the e-ticket tell you where to go (which platform to stand on).

The train is extremely busy on a Friday but very quiet on a weekend, when it's busy don't expect to find any empty seats because the last few times I went in the train I had to stand for 40 minutes 😂 although on the weekend the train is usually empty.

The train ride is very nice because you get to see a lot of cool views on your way to your destination (depending on what time you go because of the fog). There are usb s and UK wall plugs in the train so you can charge your phone or laptop.
Anna Tarczynska
Anna Tarczynska2 years ago
I like this train station . At the moment most of the shops are closed due to Covid but I can imagine how full of life it is during the normal.pwriod of time . It is easy to get here and from here there is a good connection to the town . You have all the facilities so needed for every traveller .
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