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Worldchoice Travel Chesterfield

Tesco Extra, Unit 2, Lockoford Ln, Chesterfield S41 7JB, United Kingdom

Worldchoice Travel Chesterfield
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7H2G+VM Chesterfield, UK
+44 1246 887365
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Annette Maggio
Annette Maggio
Ash (Josh)...a very nice young man who was so supportive of knowledge of my choice, made everything so easy from beginning to picking the tickets up. Thank you....truly have had a great holiday.....see you soon for the next trip.....:-)
Louise Williams
Louise Williams98 days ago
What a fantastic experience we had when booking our holiday with Becky Rickett. We are the worst customers ever!!!! We have a list of things we require and it’s always a nightmare trying to get everything we want in one holiday! Not with Becky though! She had all the patience in the world and nothing was too much trouble for her! She helped us make an informed choice about destination and the right hotel for us based on our extensive wish list! She was honest and gave the best holiday advice! Resulting in the perfect holiday!
Kelly Bradbury
Kelly Bradbury98 days ago
I always book my holidays here with Laurie. We have just booked 2 weeks to Cape Verde and as usual Laurie was amazing, she is so knowledgeable and helpful, nothing is too much trouble.

Would 100% recommend booking here.
Tyson Pickett
Tyson Pickett105 days ago
Excellent service from Leigh, changed our minds so many times but she was very accommodating, 10/1
Helen Swain
Helen Swain2 years ago
Great experience booking our holiday with Leigh - despite the hotel we had chosen being unavailable she had a fantastic insite into exactly what we wanted. IT glitch meant it couldn't be confirmed at the time but Leigh was on it straight away the following morning.
Many thanks for amazing service 😁
Lesley Slater
Lesley Slater2 years ago
We’ve booked our holiday with Jo at worldchoice travel and nothing was too much trouble for her and the team. We would definitely recommend Jo, she answered all our questions and gave us some great advice for our holiday. Looking forward to booking again with Jo.
Wendy Perkins
Wendy Perkins2 years ago
Always book my holidays here, ready to book again for this year. Everyone in store is friendly and knowledgeable.
Nothing is too much trouble.
See you all soon
Courtney Grice
Courtney Grice2 years ago
Recently worked here and I feel disappointed with the company from a employee point of view. I got the job with no experience in the travel industry they was fully aware of this and was happy to employ me. During my 3 months in the job I loved the shop and customers the job seemed great but first month being there my manager was on leave almost 60% of my time there I never got no direct training or support it was left to the staff to train me which was unfair on them as it wasn’t there responsibility at all. I had massive amount of pressure on me and it was my dream job which added to this. The staff constantly picked at me for minor mistakes and faults any new person makes I was never taught how to do my job, serving customers and selling. they expected me to learn all of the resorts,airport codes and so much more in 3 months without any direct training I sat and watched people do there jobs and make cups of teas and went home after work and trained my self with my help from my partner which was stressful and unprofessional but without this I wouldn’t of known a lot.I constantly asked to be taught practically and then 50% training on resorts and it never happened they never had the intention to train me my manager seemed like everything was an effort to ask her for help or to do anything but was always happy to let me know when I was doing wrong. I had a medical issue during my time there and they never really showed care seemed more bothered about the cost of everything I needed to make it comfortable for me to work I had to nag and stress about it for it to be resolved I just wanted transparency .Staff made up false accusations of me behind my back and made me feel uncomfortable at times I felt like I was trying to fit in to somewhere I wasn’t welcome I went home multiple times crying feeling awful in my self and worried I wasn’t liked by staff. Untill I started having meltdowns at work crying a lot feeling upset the workplace wasn’t worth the way it made me feel they gave up on me and I felt like I was too much of a task for them as I didn’t have experience and they took me on and because I wasn’t a robot and learnt all of Europe in 3 months which staff still employed there agreed was ridiculous to expect that of me as it’s something you learn as you do the job overtime. Staff complained to me saying they hated there job and it was all favouritism they felt pushed out too so I know I wasn’t the only one going through it one women I worked with said to our assistant manager that I was so confident when I started the job and there slowly making me crumble and I’ve lost all my confidence, this was while I was present and she was right I had so much passion and drive to learn yet made to feel incapable. Shame really but I guess travel industry is like this from what others have commented to me and it’s not fair to be treated that way I was sacked on my shift and asked to leave immediately without even letting me get my point across but It was pointless because they was always going to get rid of me because the lack of support I was getting. I felt exhausted and knew I’d be wasting my own breath explaining and fighting it if anything I felt relieved to walk out and not have to have the pressure and worry . I did email the director with how I felt but I had no response on email and tbh I didn’t expect anything less.
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