Village Vet Milton

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Village Vet Milton
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Rebecca Cowling
Rebecca Cowling265 days ago
Sadly our cat passed away over a weekend and we used the Village Vet as our out of ours contact. They were absolutely amazing. So understanding of our sadness, they made us feel so comfortable and wasn't felt rushed at all in the whole process. The lady was so lovely with our children and explained that she would ensure our cat was looked after when we left her. We will definitely use them again with our other cat, hopefully not too soon x
A D296 days ago
Awful service, suggested to put down my cat because he had a broken jaw, kept him in for 4 days on morphine, and didn’t provide proper treatment. Charged over £2000 for this. Didn’t even remember my cat’s name. Focused on making biggest profit rather than saving a pet’s life/health. I used the University vets who did the surgery same morning. Definitely avoid Milton Village Vet at all cost!
Sofia327 days ago
Came here last week with my rabbit who was suffering a bad bout of gi stasis at 1am. The consult and drug fees were petty high (£160 for consultation and £120 for the drugs including antibiotics). I can't fault the vet (Mikel I think his name was?) who was fabulous even at such a late hour. I hope most of the money I paid gets funneled back to the staff for being up so late.

My rabbit is now so much better and back to doing binkies in the garden :)
Brett Clement
Brett Clement1 year ago
Traumatic and terrible experience, we took my dog in on an emergency, straight away they were only bothered about money, they lied to us and gave us a glimmer of hope for expensive treatment, we took the chance out of love for our pet, we went home and 2 hours later we were called and told he would need to be put down and there’s nothing they can do to help, they then protested when I said that I wanted to be there when he went to sleep, they said they had other stuff to deal with and it would be hours before they could put him out of his misery if I wanted to be there or instantly if I didn’t. I turned up and there was nobody else there so that clearly wasn’t true. When I arrived and we got him put to sleep I sat there crying stroking my dog and was then told I need to leave. It’s clear that this vet only cares about money and the level of compassion and care they show to the animals is completely lacking.
Shannon dry
Shannon dry1 year ago
Will never return, awful experience there was a lack in communication and updates. An already stressful time having my furbaby very unwell I had to deal with rude staff and a money grabbing practice. I am so glad I fought and fought for a referral to DW as they actually managed to get him better. He was a shell of a cat whilst in your care and my gut knew this was not the right place for him to be in.
I had to deal with delays in settling the claim as information was not supplied to my insurance provider in a timely manner.
After further more delays I got my insurance provider to step in, somehow your practice still managed to continue to make mistakes.
Would never recommend and would avoid at all costs!
It's been a horrible stressful experience from start to finish
Bryony Ellis
Bryony Ellis1 year ago
Absolutely ridiculous! I had to ring them 3 times just to get through when I did get through was told it would be out of hours at 8.30 for a price of £160 which I expected... however what I didn't expect is to be sat there for three hours after that time while people came in and left.
I will not be going back out of choice I understand they may be busy
but just keeping the client updated shouldn't be that hard to do.
The vet however when we finally got to see her was lovely and very helpful which is the only redeeming factor.
MsStefy61 year ago
Myself and my husband want to thank Milton for fitting our Rotty Isaac in last minute at 4.30am when he became seriously unwell on Saturday. He was so sick all day Saturday and unfortunately he did go majorly downhill at 4am so we had to go to Milton for an emergency operation on his tummy, scans etc on the sunday.We saw a lady who's name I can't remember as we were so upset but she had beautiful red hair and was so kind.They always kept us updated about charges too along the way. He stayed in for two nights and they updated us all the time. Rosie Hunter was incredible, when she said she was going to call you at the end of her shift she did. We picked Isaac up last night and we got great aftercare advice for ages from another lovely girl. We can't thank you all enough, what you do is amazing.
Mark Ledger
Mark Ledger2 years ago
Called them out of hours because my dog had collapsed, the first concern was about telling me it would start at £171 without any treatments. They then see him for a maximum of 5 minutes to tell me They can’t tell me what’s wrong so I have 2 options to have him put down or take him home and keep an eye on him. I go to pay as I leave and said I was paying cash and was told I need the correct money or they don’t give change. My feel from this place was they care more about the money than the animals and pray on people in vulnerable positions as they know they will pay them amounts in time of need.
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