Inspire Fitness Centre Gerrard’s Cross

Inspire Fitness Centre, 8 East Common, The Memorial Centre, Gerrards Cross SL9 7AD, United Kingdom

Inspire Fitness Centre Gerrard’s Cross
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HCMX+C9 Gerrards Cross, United Kingdom
+44 1753 481502
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Monday: 6–21
Tuesday: 6–21
Wedneasday: 6–21
Thursday: 6–21
Friday: 6–20
Saturday: 8–16
Sunday: 8–16
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Tomrocks1999235 days ago
This is the greatest place I have ever been to, staff are excellent and the quality of the gym is especially praise-worthy. 10/10 would recommend!
Dewi Foulkes
Dewi Foulkes265 days ago
I signed up for 6 months of personal training with Dave and in a nutshell it changed everything. Dave’s a lovely gent who makes you feel very comfortable in the gym as a beginner. Would heavily reccomend
Gillian1 year ago
I have my physio sessions there, great place nice therapist, what more do you need
Ian Fielding-Calcutt
Ian Fielding-Calcutt2 years ago
The best gym in Gerrards Cross by far!

I absolutely love the layout, training equipment and general ambience.

The service is exceptional and Dave is always friendly and has a smile on his face.

I definitely recommend a visit if you’re in town!
Lou Grace
Lou Grace2 years ago
A great place to work out, fantastic and attentive staff and highly recommend.
Covid procedures in place and always feel comfortable working out here. Never have to queue for equipment. Has everything a gym needs for the keen gym goer and beginners alike. Questions always promptly answered. Centrally located for Gerrards Cross residents, plenty of parking. Love the outdoor area...when the weather allows!! Thank you Inspire Fitness Centre
George G.
George G.2 years ago
Warning: to those thinking of joining, or, are currently at this “gym”.
Money has been taken out of my account; 6 months (and counting) after cancelling my membership. I got in touch to ask why, and waited 3 weeks, calling, emailing, visiting, and writing letters, for an answer. Apparently, I didn’t ‘cancel’ it at all, and their finance company holds all of the responsibility.

The Fit House, WAVE Spa, Chalfont Leisure Centre, and GDN Fitness, are the local gyms which I can now recommend; they provide such a great standard in comparison, and there’s staff present working around the clock to help.

Let’s hope that the elderly, or vulnerable members here, aren’t being taken advantage of. Please, be extremely wary, and do your due diligence.
Alex Aquino
Alex Aquino2 years ago
Good gym, really helpful staff, nice to be able to box on the bag outside and it’s got the kit you need inside as well for a good workout too. Feels like a great community gym, just trained on a one day pass and would for sure come back again. Thanks
Evie Mackie
Evie Mackie2 years ago
Awful customer service.
Sent finance company to collection money off me that I had been told didn't need to pay and then ignored the following 10's of emails, calls, answerphone messages to simply discuss the situation.
Have heard lots of similar things about them taking money from people and not refunding but only 'crediting'
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