Shopping Centre, U1B, Saxon Sq, Christchurch BH23 1QA, United Kingdom

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P6PC+2W Christchurch, United Kingdom
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Peter May
Peter May179 days ago
Had quite a large bacon & lettuce roll + a cappuccino all for £3.50. Ate in, staff very helpful. They were helpful and cheerful to all customers, would go there again
Karol Mileszko
Karol Mileszko210 days ago
I've asked for a decaf Americano and I got a strange concoction with awful smell, colour and a bag lurking inside. It tasted like swill. Even on voicing my concerns staff was insisting this was what they called Americano. Disgrace.
Ian Lane
Ian Lane332 days ago
The staff are great but sometimes the hot sausage rolls aren't very hot.
Matt Smith
Matt Smith2 years ago
One of the members of staff very rude, said she didn't know why I was waiting at the till. What else was I waiting there for other than to be served. Yes she was busy with a just eat order but she could have at the very least acknowledged my presence as she had served someone before me.
Gary F
Gary F2 years ago
Oh wow.
Chirpy doesn't even begin to describe the lady that serve me today.
Despite having a queue of people to serve she was oozing positivity and beaming from ear to ear.
As for the store, it's a town center Gregg's, decent food for the price.
Angela Jones (Angie)
Angela Jones (Angie)2 years ago
I usually order my breakfast through Just Eat to collect. I have it at work, which is practically across the road. The guys have got to know me, and always leave lovely messages on my bag. Their food is to die for! 😋
Charles Driver
Charles Driver2 years ago
Just been into this store to get a coffee & pizza, I was waiting in the queue to be served there was 2 people at either side of the counter.
I am almost deaf & need to see people's lips move to read/hear what they are saying.
One member of staff called who's next which I only turned to see her talking & went to get served as a woman behind me barged past & the member of staff started to serve her I explained I was deaf to which she replied I said it 3 times.
She should have notified the customer who queue jumped that there was a person infront of them.
Totally disrespectful attitude & totally bias against hidden disabilities & no apology either. I was served by another person who apologised.
SL P2 years ago
Lovely experience today, I came in with my elderly father who wasn’t feeling great, a young employee Connor very kindly came to help my dad sit down and made sure he was okay, and brought my dad a cup of tea. A very valuable employee.
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