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Hot Wok

5 Edmund Rd, Spondon, Derby DE21 7HH, United Kingdom

Hot Wok
Chinese takeaway
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WJ72+2J Derby, United Kingdom
+44 1332 669988
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Grey Ghost
Grey Ghost
The food was good but the customer service was appalling. I ordered 2 egg fried rice and 1 Yung chow fried rice. When the food arrived 2 hours later (an hour late) I found that they had only given 1 egg fried rice. I called up but the lady seemed argumentative as if I was in the wrong for them not delivering all of our food 🙄. They agreed to deliver the missing rice, but when it arrived (after another 2 hours and me me and my family had finished eating) we found that they had only delivered us 1 more egg fried rice. Needless to say, my son was very disappointed about his favorite food being missing from his birthday meal. Aside from that, it was quite tasty 😋.
Eating here for years no issues then ordered on Saturday
Different menu and website, not sure if it’s been take over? Food tasted different
Then middle of the night, within 15 mins of each other both children were I’ll. the shared a chicken curry and egg fried rice.
Won’t be eating there again
Such a shame
Jessica Monteith
Jessica Monteith
Food arrived at our door 10 mins from ordering, tasted delicious and good serving size plus they gave us some free prawn crackers!
Jade Adele Wibberley
Jade Adele Wibberley
Just ordered from here for the first time, and I won’t be ordering again. Food was very bland. No flavour in any dishes that we ordered. For £34.80 I am very disappointed and waste of money as it has gone in the bin. Wouldn’t even feed it my dog, DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE!!
Paul millington
Paul millington32 days ago
I Ordered from here on Sunday 16th October 2022. I was very Disappointed with the food when it arrived. I Can Confirm that Items were missing from my order & the Items what did come were stone Cold. I Contacted Foodhub where I ordered this from/Off & Foodhub Contacted the Takeaway & she said that ALL my Items was packed & Received in my order (I Won't Recommend this Chinese takeaway to anyone Nor Will I ordered again from here)
Biddysmissus62 days ago
Used to use this place all the time but reckon its changed hands. Ordered special chow mein and it was all liquid, and onions. Hardly any meat or noodles, we left most of it. Won't be ordering from here again.
Merv Sheldon
Merv Sheldon2 years ago
Delivery or collection? It makes no difference. I've never had a bad meal from here
Carrissa Brammah
Carrissa Brammah2 years ago
My mother ordered food , they came with the wrong food , when my mother called them the woman on the phone Instantly started shouting and said “I gave you the correct food “ after my mum being a regular and said “no you didn’t in a nice manner “ the woman said if you want the correct food I have to charge you 2 pounds more and you have to come collect it , after more tipped the Delivery driver 2 pounds , mum said “it’s not my fault yoy gave me the wrong food “, the rude lady said fine she will come deliver it , after she gave my mum the correct order , she said “can she have the food back “ my mum showed her the food on the plate , the lady then said “yes it was wrong “ then asked my mum to scoop the food from the plate back up ! (Yes you heard me right !! , so my mum scooped the food back up and gave it the lady. I can’t believe how rude and vile she was and how vile they was , when they got the food wrong , even crazier asking for her to scoop it up during covid , like we was in a. Third war country , disgusting will be reporting 😂
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