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Unit 3 The Marque, 6 Cherry Hinton Rd, Cambridge CB1 7AA, United Kingdom

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54QP+JP Cambridge, United Kingdom
+44 1223 410185
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Nathalie M
Nathalie M
Like the staff here, happy, helpful and, a great coffee every time ! 🙏 pictures from various Costa places, Bedford, Milton Keynes, Cambridge
Minju Kim
Minju Kim
Great coffee but this, really? More drink spilt than in the mug!
Sam Lion
Sam Lion265 days ago
I like this Costa branch, the staff are friendly and nice. The place is always very clear . Good gob guys :)
I enjoy sitting here . Only one suggestion if they put some tissues then the customers can help themselves instead of keep asking . Enjoying my cortado coffee ;)
Sophie weeks
Sophie weeks265 days ago
I'm afraid I left without my coffee this morning. Costa lost my custom. I watched a customer come in and no doubt order her regular Bacon Roll and Latte. She moved slowly, and leant on the counter to open her purse to pay. The server asked the lady to go and look in the fridge to see if there was a Bacon Roll. Two servers were standing at the counter doing nothing. I leave you to draw your own conclusions about this, but I took action rather than watch frustratedly. I politely but clearly said it might be nice if one of them went to grab the Roll. Instead the 'offer' to the lady to go to the fridge was repeated, so she shifted her weight and ambled back in the direction the server indicated. She looked confused trying to locate a Bacon Roll and there was an audible tut from the server who had made the suggestion. Does this happen every morning? Once again, and this time - apparently rudely- I said the server could perhaps grab the Roll from the fridge? Younger legs? Better eyes? More energy? The server rolled her unsmiling eyes and humphed towards to fridge (customer still had not located the roll). I was then told by the other server that I was ' being very rude' and ' I had ruined her morning' and various other things that were supposed to persuade me I was the one in the wrong. All I replied, politely and clearly, was that it was their job to look after customers and indeed that's what they were being paid to do. ('she's a regular' was the reply). I think that both servers wanted me to apologise. I'm wondering whether they even consider that their actions towards an elderly or less able customer impact on other customers watching too, even if they think its acceptable. 3 years spent caring for 2 dying parents, protecting their person-hood and dignity taught me the lesson I was trying to share with the servers. Lovely and loved as I'm sure they both are, they were not doing their job as well as they could. They would have 'made my day' if they'd willingly jumped to help her, and I had witnessed it.
Claudia E
Claudia E1 year ago
Bad service, rude staff. Coffee is good! This does not make the staff better so not coming here again!
Leo Mcn
Leo Mcn1 year ago
Very polite staff , very open store , very good environment, quiet enough to do work but doesn't feel like a library , very good
Doruntina Krz
Doruntina Krz1 year ago
Good place, enough space, you can enjoy a day with the family there
Akaashibubs2 years ago
I had bought food and so had all my friends and this worker came up to all of us, who weren't being disruptive, and very rudely told us to get out if we weren't going to buy anything, while we still had food on our table from the Costa? And said "and I'm talking to every single one of you." She was incredibly rude and harsh and kept harassing us even after we went and bought more food saying "are you leaving?" no wonder their customer service is on red. We will not be coming again and it is insanely rude that Costa allows this insulting behaviour to come from its staff. It puts a very bad image on everyone else and I hope she gets a stern talking to for her unnecessary rudeness.
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