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Co-op Food - Ailsa Court

179-185 Chesterton Rd, Cambridge CB4 1AF, United Kingdom

Co-op Food - Ailsa Court
Convenience store
46 reviews
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648G+2X Cambridge, United Kingdom
+44 1223 367577
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Alan Hart
Alan Hart
Generally like this co-op. The self checkouts often have problems and never take cash, but they're usually fast to get staff out to the human tills. Other than that, pretty good.
Zachary Gaber
Zachary Gaber
It's a nice enough grocery - judged on the standard of a local grocery store rather than a superstore. I'm not too impressed but there's just not that much that can be crammed into this small of a location. The aisles are narrow, there aren't that many tills, and the selection is okay - but the location is convenient to my flat and the prices are good.
Cam Bridge
Cam Bridge
This is one of two small CoOp stores within a short walk from my house. It is generally fine but to be hones my first choice is the other one on Milton Road. Quite why there are two within about a hundred yards of each other I am not sure but it is quite handy for me!
Sally Miller
Sally Miller
I want to report that the person who delivered my order from Coop in Chesterton Rd, Cambridge yesterday at 4.15pm had no face mask protection and brought the order right up to my open front door where I was standing - he was far too close to me. I was wearing a face mask, but it did not deter him. Best that people delivering stop halfway down front path, keeping their distance. Please advise and help those delivering to keep distance
Cathy mcdonald
Cathy mcdonald172 days ago
multiple times I have asked the staff who are stocking shelves where to find a product and they just point. Like to the next row. I asked again and they ask like it's a bother. I will shop somewhere else.
Javier Bautista
Javier Bautista355 days ago
Ethical? You could say that when you allow dogs inside 👎
Mark Curtis
Mark Curtis1 year ago
A handy store, albeit with a small number of parking spaces outside - friendly staff, good range of items.
Julio Matos
Julio Matos2 years ago
Good for your everyday shopping
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