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Bupa Dental Care Exeter
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Rachel Larder
Rachel Larder260 days ago
Moved my son here after 2 lost hospital referrals at his previous practice. Can't thank them enough, the receptionist /dental nurse who ensured he was put with a certain dentist Ciprian when I rang up to register him, As he's good with extractions for children,to the dentist who did it for him with no pain or trouble whatsoever. Finally 2 years on he's sorted.Thanks so much! Brilliant caring staff. 😁
Stacey T
Stacey T291 days ago
All my experiences here have been good a part from their previous hygienist who was awful. The male dentist (can't remember his name) has always been great and has previously referred me to the hospital to have my wisdom teeth taken out. I've been told they have a new hygienist so will probably pay a visit soon.

All staff have been friendly and I have never had a problem trying to get through to book an appointment. I don't understand the other reviews unless I've been always lucky to have a good experience.
Debbie Jones
Debbie Jones321 days ago
Cant believe this place gets 2.6 average. I feel horribly guilty being so negative about an NHS establishment but enough is enough. I have a precancerous condition that requires stringent monitoring every 6 months. Firstly you have to go into the practice to make an appointment (THEY DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE, EVER) then 1 week before appointment I get a text cancelling it and asking me to call to make another appointment. But then you call and they dont answer. Then leave a message, they dont call back. This has been going on for years. I know there is a shortage of dentists but that is no excuse for poorly managed admin team. Whenever I go into the practice no one is ever on the phone so why do they not answer the phones? And why text to ask me to call when they know I wont get through? Sort yourselves out, its embarassing! I have today registered with a local private dentist and can't believe it has taken me so long. Hopefully now that I have left, and this practice has 1 patient less, it may mean they can give another patient a chance of some care and attention.
UPDATE ** a check up with a private practice costs £40. I know this is out of reach for some people so bit of advice if you have no choice but to join this practice, do NOT give your mobile number then the Reception will have to call you to cancel rather than text. At least that way you have a chance of arranging another appointment
Russell williams
Russell williams321 days ago
The dentist Is good but it took weeks to get my recent appointment. Only for it to be cancelled now I have to wait 2 months for my new appointment.

Thay really need to get there act together
Robyn Clifford
Robyn Clifford321 days ago
Constantly cancelling appointments with less than 24 hours notice, when they clearly knew before they were unable to cater for the amount of bookings. I have now had my appointment cancelled 5 times. Last appointment I had got cancelled 4 times too. Joke of a company. Also never able to get through on the phone to rebook
Ben577352 days ago
I don't think I've ever experienced worse service than this dental practice. My family and I had check up appointments booked for a day last week. On the morning of the check up we each received a text advising the appointment was cancelled. When i finally got through to the receptionist (the annoying IVR is a seperate issue) , I was advised that my dentist was leaving and all her appointments had been cancelled.

This would not be so bad if the dentist had just handed in thier notice, but the receptionist admitted that they had known she was leaving for over a month! In the week prior to our cancelled appointment we received emails and text reminding us of the upcoming appointment, all while BUPA knew that the appointment was never going to take place.

I explained we had taken time off work and arranged child care especially for these appointments. The person I spoke to said it was all automated so they had no control over the emails and texys sent to those with appointments. She also said that this was happening to EVERYONE who had an appointment and they were all being cancelled on the day of appointment.This is outrageous and completely avoidable with just a bit of honesty from Bupa. I struggle to beleive they have zero control to cancel all appointments for this dentist in one block, but maybe it would look bad or be too much of an HR headache?

The bottom line is that if they don't care about their patients enough that they are happy to treat us like this, how does this reflect on the dental care you are going to receive? Avoid this place if ar all possible.
Ian Sutton
Ian Sutton1 year ago
Disappointed I have to give it any stars. Have now had 3 consecutive appointments cancelled. No one ever tries to ring up to book me and kids another appointment, impossible to get through on the phone and no one ever rings back when you leave a message. Went in to book face to face but told my dentist has left and I have wait till they have a new one, and my kids can't get an appointment because they haven't had one before. Shambles.
Charlotte Manley
Charlotte Manley2 years ago
I cannot praise Beata enough, I saw her today for an emergency appointment after having issues with a tooth for months. I needed a complex extraction and Beata did it there and then, it was complicated and she persevered and removed the tooth successfully with kindness and care. I am an extremely nervous patient and she put me at ease throughout the whole process and I am very grateful, very kind caring and an absolute credit to the practice, thank you
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