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Alphington Rd, Exeter EX2 8NA, United Kingdom

Gas station
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PF47+W5 Exeter, United Kingdom
+44 1392 270806
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Kim Bleeker
Kim Bleeker143 days ago
Small nice place, and charges the better priced fuel, as it is next to Sainsbury's fuelstation. Open 24hours which is great also for late night snacks and drinks.
Kimberley Fitzpatrick
Kimberley Fitzpatrick143 days ago
Absolutely appalling service tonight from the member of staff (no name tag, blonde female with an accent) too busy trying to tally up receipts and fussing with her nails or whatever she was doing, not paying attention to what I was asking for reached over and declined the use of nectar point for the 5p per litre deal (which is what I asked for in the first place!) then told me ‘oh it’s too late save it till next time’ I explained this was her mistake and to cancel it and do it again but she claimed she couldn’t, this was just a case of being too lazy and with an outright rude attitude! After having to argue this she finally done what was ask. So rude management should reconsider having such poor staff customer facing! Will go down the road to sainsbury’s in future!
Susan Smits
Susan Smits327 days ago
Worst ever service from the older , blonde lady attendant behind the counter at this service station . Racial discrimination and blatantly rude. Disgraceful
Update - Aug 6th unleaded £1.75 litre/ diesel £1.82.

Always check their prices, as they do not always keep parry on price with the Sainsburys nearby and you can be caught out!... HOWEVER the quality of the fuel is probably better here anyway.
Donna Ronan
Donna Ronan357 days ago
What can you say....its a petrol station! Was cheaper on the day I went than Sainsbury next door!
Jay Evolve
Jay Evolve1 year ago
Everything here is expensive. Staff are friendly. Prices ruin the experience. Fuel. Shop. It's all pretty high.
J Cook
J Cook1 year ago
Absolutely shocking service. The lady behind the counter has a terrible attitude. Will never go back. Argument over a half measure of coffee (she claimed it was a full measurement). After spending £200 on fuel!!
Jessica West
Jessica West2 years ago
Staff are always really happy! Can pick up most petrol station bits and bobs here.
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