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High St, Chalvey, Slough SL1 2TW, United Kingdom

Gas station
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G94R+5R Slough, United Kingdom
+44 1753 532587
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Osi nzeako
Osi nzeako
The worst gas station I have ever been to. They only have 1 employee working during the day. So he decides to turn off all the pumps so he can count stock at 1pm in the afternoon. Not a good business model at all. Joke. Smh.
M Malik
M Malik
Very rude unprofessional maner less staff most of the time night shift staff is sleeping there in back office very rude staff. Its seems like someone asking them forcefully to work.Staff don't have maners at All
Esso is most expensive place to go
V “ABU.21” C
V “ABU.21” C201 days ago
This petrol station in chalvy high st had a contactless ATM machine for your phone and digital media devices as well as normal card services and I'm happy to report that the card machine does Not charge any fees for the use of it, which is paramount to me as I despise paying for my own Cash!! Also it is a 24hr amenities/essential groceries etc petrol station which is very important to everyone who is in need of something which is very urgent etc. They also sell alcohol and Tobacco products too. One thing I will say though is that this is a very expensive shop compared to the other night/day stores, but like I said it's not a big deal when you are in need of something at late hours etc. Great Outlet and is very useful for everyone to know that it's always open to the public.
A C233 days ago
I’m go one time to wash car,and my money is block there I’m go inside petrol station,I say to the guys there my money is block inside the machine she don’t care about this!
Nicole Devonshire
Nicole Devonshire294 days ago
This station has no pumps.... all fenced off as ground broken up
RIPPLE_LABS1 year ago
The station employee lied to me, I called from a distance and talked to him if he had an ADblue pump for my truck, when I arrived at the place it turned out that there is no pump, only 10 l canisters for £ 33 when I need 50 l. And he keeps telling me that the Pump is there, but I don't want to show it, a total Indian liar added that the canisters will be better for me, avoid this station, I drove the truck specially for 30minutes
Sam Sam
Sam Sam2 years ago
Very bad custemer servec and the casier was very rud and he made a racise coment to be aboute my tradition
FERENC SUMEGI2 years ago
Everywhere’s in Esso!!, don’t have or don’t works toilets!!! Horror!! I’m using fuel cards, but I will claim compensation because Wales London Slough many Esso have no toilets or not working/ cleaning……!!! Horror
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