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Costco Petrol Station (Members Only)

Wyvern Way, Derby DE21 6RS, United Kingdom

Costco Petrol Station (Members Only)
Gas station
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WH94+FR Derby, United Kingdom
+44 1332 680805
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Monday: 6–21
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Campbell “Donna” Family
Campbell “Donna” Family353 days ago
Fuel price is great, currently 10p cheaper but the whole queuing for fuel and car parking is getting dangerous not just in the car park but on the road and roundabout. Today staff were directing traffic out through the back road which created a problem at the pentagon roundabout and the meadows but still people are very impatient and trying to jump the queue whilst waiting for fuel. Parking to go in the shop is a nightmare as so many are queuing gor fuel. The traffic will get worse with the new drive through bakery and M&S plus the the traffic for KFC and burger king, the road is not big enough. There needs to be a rethink on the entrance to the site. I've never known it so busy and I've been a number on and off since it opened. Costco needs to move accross the road to one of the new warehouse buildings!
Rated OrNot
Rated OrNot1 year ago
With them doing cheaper fuel than most places it's become a pain to go.
There's always a big queue.
Especially worse when there's a tanker delivery.
Needs must suppose.
Adam Glynn
Adam Glynn1 year ago
The fuel prices are unrivalled. Truly the best in Derby. However they have destroyed the car park with their new layout directing traffic around the car park. It's a complete nightmare you can expect to wait 40 mins queuing to get in or out of the place. They need less restrictions in the car park to free up movement but they have added more restrictions and made it even worse.
Jake Roberts
Jake Roberts2 years ago
A very busy station, that being said the staff have done their best to manage the traffic as best as possible. The forecourt is always clean and pumps are clearly labelled if they’re out of of a certain fuel. Bypass lanes certainly speed things up too.
Mohsin Atta
Mohsin Atta2 years ago
Busy. Pick your timings and won't have to wait so long. Either way it's worth it! Around 20p cheaper if not more than the usual Petrol Stations. Have to be a member to scan your card at the pump before filling up!
Terence and Charlotte Martin
Terence and Charlotte Martin2 years ago
12p cheaper than anywhere else plenty of pumps and at least one vigilant assistant in attendance at all times and additional personnel when very busy, clean, spacious, stretch hoses and well maintained also fuel tanker deliveries do not affect use at all.
No wonder its extremely popular.
James Meek
James Meek2 years ago
Much cheaper than everywhere else, as long as you don't mind queues. The queue is huge for this place and it must be affecting trade of the other businesses, including Costco themselves.
Sion Bartlett
Sion Bartlett2 years ago
Whist the queues can be 5-10mins long to get fuel, there's good reason for them to be that long as fuel is a lot cheaper than anywhere else. Membership needed.
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