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Tesco Petrol Station

Russell Way, Exeter EX2 7EZ, United Kingdom

Tesco Petrol Station
Gas station
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PG69+2G Exeter, United Kingdom
+44 345 677 9263
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Monday: 9–22
Tuesday: 9–22
Wedneasday: 9–22
Thursday: 9–22
Friday: 9–22
Saturday: 9–22
Sunday: 11–16
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Dave Harris
Dave Harris
What can you say, it’s a typical supermarket petrol station adjacent to a large supermarket. They do offer pay at pump so you can still get fuel late at night. Prices vary, but for a supermarket they are not the cheapest, especially as there is a lack of competition in the area. They are normally a few pence more than in Exeter, which is around 25 minutes away along the main A30 dual carriageway.
Leonid Semkin
Leonid Semkin
For quite a while I am concerned about deteriorating quality of fresh fruit and vegetables in Tesco Extra Exeter. I try to find something more or less satisfactory and then stick to it. But unfortunately after a while a product may become uneatable. My latest disappointment was with Tesco Finest Emperor Oranges 4 Pack. These oranges used to be OK but now they are dreadful. Never again again I am going to buy this product.
Peter dennis
Peter dennis
Great staff.very polite and helpful go there with ambulance and car always welcomed
Joel Morter
Joel Morter353 days ago
Usually one of the lowest prices for petrol and diesel in the Exeter area. Great thats it's also 24hrs with self service pumps. Also a cashpoint. When staffed, staff are always polite, professional and helpful!
Stephen Aldridge
Stephen Aldridge1 year ago
Can't find the price of fuel on your site. Should be simple you would think. Call the store and go though the message system then get cut off.
Amy Hewlett
Amy Hewlett1 year ago
Has anyone picked up a bright colourful lunch bag up please let me know thanks I live round at digby at by the school
Shaino o
Shaino o1 year ago
Pressure washer always closed.
Luky Luky
Luky Luky2 years ago
The jet wash is always broken. When you can charge four times more at the Wave hand car wash there is obviously no incentive to repair it.
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