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Amber Valley Gymnastics Academy

Business Park, Unit 3 Asher Ln, Ripley DE5 3SW, United Kingdom

Amber Valley Gymnastics Academy
Gymnastics center
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3H6R+HJ Ripley, United Kingdom
+44 7712 173733
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Monday: 13–14
Tuesday: 9–11
Wedneasday: 16–21
Thursday: 16–21
Friday: 16–21
Saturday: 9–15
Sunday: Close
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Andrew Kennedy
Andrew Kennedy
Simpson Sisters
Simpson Sisters
Rich Smith
Rich Smith
I go to this club it's amazing place it's really nice it's all tidy we've got a pit I love it there . It's a lovely place there there's loads of bars and it's a massive gym I just love it there I wont even move gymnastic.
Dawn Jowett
Dawn Jowett
My 5 year old son really enjoys his classes here. It is a professional and friendly club, highly recommend.
Christopher Chambers
Christopher Chambers87 days ago
Large interior. Good selection of mats and gymnastics bars. Staff don't seem interested in adults, only children. Adults left to do their thing without supervision, so very little advice offered or assistance given. Adults only allowed one hour per week on a Friday evening. No drinks facilities available.
Siobhan Scorcese
Siobhan Scorcese301 days ago
Really disappointing unless you are willing to pay hundreds a month on lessons. No recognition for students which is extremely disheartening for any child, no communication from coaches apart from a generic newsletter. If you are wanting your child to attend a gymnastics lesson for 1 or 2 hours a week and would like them to progress and actually learn as well as feel proud of their achievements then I really would look elsewhere. Every other gymnasium in the area provides a badge/sticker progress scheme but not here, children who attend for the 1 or 2 hours do the same thing every week, they are not seen as they matter unlike the others who attend more often. Every child needs to feel special, as a business you should ensure everyone feels valued and that is just not the case here. I had really high hopes but have now removed my child from the academy.
Megan Wordsworth
Megan Wordsworth2 years ago
My daughter has attended for about 18 months, not because she will ever be a serious gymnast, just because she enjoyed it, it was fun.
She had a happy time in the 4-6 year old class, when she turned 7 she had to be moved up to the 7-10 years class. From the moment she got in the class she was made to feel unwelcome by the other girls, all older.
She has been bullied every week, crying and clinging to me before she goes in, one particular older girl I witnessed smirking at her friend when she ran to the door, crying, to find me.
Really horrible stuff. Of course the teacher “hasn’t noticed anything”. Sadly, my daughter said she really didn’t want to go anymore so I emailed AVG to ask them to stop my d/d from their end I then detailed exactly what had been going on and why we were no longer going to attend. I highlighted exactly what was going on in that class and the need for them to be aware as I didn’t want it to happen to anyone else moving up. Their response?
Nothing. I even sent the email again in case they missed it. Nothing from them. Not even a ‘sorry you feel you want to leave’.
No apology for the way those classes have made her feel.
So much for their zero tolerance bullying policy and for them to not care, to not even deem it worthy of a response is beyond reproach.
My heart breaks for her, it was something she looked forward to every week and in the end was frightened to attend and knocked her confidence because of some nasty girls who took pleasure in targeting her.
We had already decided we weren’t going back as it had been ruined for her, what made me so angry was the radio silence from the academy. Not even a courtesy response. That’s how much they value their customers.
Please think twice before entrusting your child to this gymnastics company. There are others in the area.
David Mills
David Mills2 years ago
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