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Ann Summers

3, Lion Yard, Cambridge CB2 3NA, United Kingdom

Ann Summers
Lingerie store
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643C+W4 Cambridge, United Kingdom
+44 1223 665101
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Sana Safi
Sana Safi
The shop is very small and always seems to look a mess, especially in the sale. Usually the employees are nice but the lady who I assume was manager with the piercings wasn't nice herself.
Beth Holbrook
Beth Holbrook
people where so lovely and helpful. they were so chatty and felt at ease in the store. it was also great to see a range of body sizes as well rather than stick thin models. will be using this store in the future
Sharon Robbins
Sharon Robbins
Popped in today to check out what was new. The store was well organised and beautifully presented. Staff were attentive, extremely knowlegable about all their products and able to answer questions as well as offer friendly, helpful advice, making us feel relaxed and at ease. Definitely the best branch we've been to in a long time.
Louise Cable
Louise Cable144 days ago
Felt 1 member of staff to be quite rude and presumption yesterday 12th February. Was looking at a toy which I then ask for the price. The lady advising around the toys informed me that you are not able to buy it separately as its part of a deal. I wasn't sure wanted to buy stuff I didn't need, she then told me that I would be better for me to go to the budget items for beginners near the till! This is not how you speak to customers. Didn't try to upsell to me just decided it was out of my budget. Another lady serving at the till was very pleasant and help my friend in another purchase so not put of the 2 1 of them knew how to talk to a customer. Luckily this is not my local store so won't be having to go to this store again
Lorraine Tembo
Lorraine Tembo144 days ago
was very unhappy with my experience in this store was trying to shop peacefully and couldn’t find any underwear’s in my size in one section of the store and that was no problem so went to the next section and as i was shopping was accused by one staff member of stealing when hadn’t stole anything was peaceful just shopping and colleagues at the store made me feel very uncomfortable as a black woman trying to shop as they kept lurking round me whilst i was peacefully trying to shop and buy some underwear. a very unpleasant experience as a black woman as i would never steal and don’t appreciate being harrased and accused multiple times by staff members when saying the truth that i’m not stealing i’m simply just trying to buy something. the lady was adamant that i stole when i had just been in the store for less than 10 minutes. deffo wouldn’t be coming back here even though i love their sets.
Isabel Andrews
Isabel Andrews2 years ago
Went into the store, and was looking at the toys but got told it was an adults store and to grow up because we laughed once. The only other customers in the shop were told ‘babes if you don’t want to be here just leave’. Rude customer service … no wonder it was empty :) Furthermore, we got shouted at by the employee because we took a photo of the toy so we knew what we wanted when we returned ,not a single sign in sight said we couldn’t.
Judith Allen
Judith Allen2 years ago
Went in the Cambridge store . Took bra back with the receipt. Because l removed the price tags they wouldn’t let me change it for a different size . I’ve never come across that before . Couldn’t speak to the manger as she were busy . Load of rubbish
Clay2 years ago
Originally I had great customer service when in the shop and made a purchase. The purchase didn’t really work out and I went in to return it. It’s understandable that it’s against policy to take some returns, but there isn’t any reason to be rude about it. When I asked about the return the woman behind the counter responded with “How am I supposed to sell this?” I thought they’re much be a exchange policy with the manufacturer. Had some purchases I was going to make but decided against it right after that interaction.
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