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Scooter and Bikes ( Cardiff Motorcycles ltd )
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Sarah M
Sarah M
Update after response from company: I have not left a duplicate review. I am a customer related to the one below regarding the same appalling service. Not the same person.

I am a mechanic who got my friend to buy parts from this company after looking at parts online. We found them to have the most suitable parts, for the best price. Once receiving the kit, we gave it a quick look over and it looked very good. However, due to the nature of gaskets, they can NOT be opened prior to use for fear of contamination.

We began the rebuild, and came to a halt when we found that some oil seals were not provided in the kit. After some searching online, we found that some kits provide the seals, and some do not. So we emailed the seller with the part number (11143-06B00) to see if they sold these parts. We then got a response saying they had no idea what we were talking about, so we bought these parts from Fowlers for just over £30.

Upon reaching the cylinder head, we found that we only had 2 o-rings rather than the 4 required for the head cover (09280-15006-000). So we reused two of the old ones, which in honesty should have been replaced as they weren't in very good condition. James, who we were dealing with, proceeded to try to give us advice in his reply – stating that he has never replaced these parts in his 20 year career. However, without seeing the parts in person – his opinion was invalid. He told us that they don't need replaced, and that Haynes isn't trustworthy (fair point – their manuals can be wrong). He kindly linked us to the “correct” manual, which stated in bold letters that these parts needed to be replaced upon reassembly. After some messages back and forth, he told us to simply buy these parts from Fowlers, at almost £12 for the set, despite us already being out of pocket for the oil seals.

We took the issue to eBay and requested a refund, after mentioning on several occasions that the kit had been used, and was not complete. The refund request was accepted, and we stressed to the seller again that the kit was in fact incomplete, and did they still want the kit back. After almost 3 days with no reply, we sent the remainder of the kit back to the seller, taking their acceptance of the request as an agreement to refund. After logging a tracking number and seeing the kit had been dispatched, we received several emails from the company assuring us that we were going to get nothing if we sent it back. However, on this occasion, eBay sided with us after the seller opened a dispute about the open kit and a full refund was issued.

After the case had been closed for around a week, we received another email from the seller antagonising a response. We replied stating the kit was sent back in the condition we described, and the seller said they were “needing confirmation ;)” that the kit was incomplete for their attempt at an appeal. However, nothing else will be done on this occasion. The company has since been harassing, unprofessional, and borderline childish over what should have been a simple apology at the start. Despite using this company in the past, I will not be using them again.
Sean Brady
Sean Brady
Take heed of the low ratings for this firm. I had a battery fail and contacted them, not their fault these things happen, I was asked to send them the battery top, by Dan, for a replacement under warranty, which I did via tracked postage at my expense (again that's fine) since then nothing. Numerous phone calls unanswered, numerous emails, again unanswered via ebay and via their own "contact" form. After sales is non existent. Happy to hear what the excuse is this time. Again happy to review my review should I actually get any contact although after 2 months I'm not holding out. Hopefully they'll be quicker with small claims.
Phillip gelder
Phillip gelder
Do not use this company terrible service
I purchased some clutch plates but due to covid I did not get a chance to fit them straight away due to my bike being at my ederly parents house when I came to fit the plates I discovered that they where all warped to the point It would be impossible to fit them let alone use them I contacted the seller to inform them of the problem in which they said I had had these plates for over three months which is not true it was just over a month they told me due to it being three months they could not refund me but it was only just over a month. They also said they could replace them but would need a picture first I replied with a picture of the discs I then sent another message but it is like the seller has just blanked me and they are still not replying to other emails do not buy from this company they are not a good company and once the have you money they don't want to know.
I have had to set up a PayPal dispute
By surprise the have emailed me saying no money back and no refund
Again bad bad company
Paul Burnett
Paul Burnett
Ordered clutch plates a week ago through eBay still haven’t been posted,only reply is auto response don’t answer phone sell items on eBay knowing full well they are closed and won’t send them now having to go through eBay PayPal and my bank to get money back I will never order from this company again poor service no communication at all only gave one star as can’t give any lower AVOID at all cost! And no it’s not because Hermes are busy as every other company has managed sent after a week and only then because ebay got involved now getting clever through messages oh I’ve gone to the daily mail! Plank just a keyboard warrior! Still no proof sent and that’s because it wasn’t posted until yesterday oh and I’m now blocked from all 3 shops on eBay like I’d buy again! And I’m going to be famous because daily mail will print a story about this review grow up
Anthony Atkins
Anthony Atkins
Terrible service ordered parts nearly 2 weeks ago emailed as nothing arrived got told he had personally sorted it and sent them checked and nothing received by Hermes emailed again and was told he would get them sent again and still nothing received by Hermes waste of time I could have got the parts elsewhere and quicker and in future I will terrible service
Reply to response I sent you a link ?? Don’t think I did but you have just clearly proved what I did say in my email someone is very good with porkies would you like me to put up another review and paste the emails
Dean Taylor
Dean Taylor
Bought chain and sprocket set from this company through ebay shop, chased up on dispatch as not marked, got a reply which was great.....received item later than expected but was o.k about that, item unpacked and it was wrong colour, so messaged stating this with no reply this time, left it a day and messaged again stating i wasn't happy and couldn't or wouldn't wait for rectification and with no reply i would leave feedback reflecting this.
Left POSITIVE feedback but stated that item was wrong colour (description 2star).
1 day later and James decides to call my wife and rant and rave at her claiming my feedback had now forced him to close the shop and shut up for good, quote 'i dont know why people like you are leaving negative feedback and nasty comments' further to which he was blaming it all on staffing issues and couldn't cope and that all customers leaving negative feedback were sad!!
Not only did he not want to talk to me,but felt he had the right to call up female customers and give them abuse over the phone!!!!!
I have never dealt with such appalling customer service in all my time.
I have since sent a message explaining all of this to him and told him how i understood his issues referencing staff and to 'NOT GIVE UP'.
I did return his call with one of my own to here the cowardice in his voice when dealing with a male, i feel for the guy as it must be difficult struggling with being busy and under staffed but at the same time, his attitude towards customers is totally disrespectful and appalling at best.
All messages are screenshot and ready to be revealed for evidence should this matter want to be continued.
I hope the stresses of running a business calm down for him and the rest of the team, but i for one will never deal with or recommend such a despicable person or business of that nature in the future!
They have some glowing reviews, but the attitude is the reason the business will fail, not the feedback!!!
Wish them all the best in the future!!!!
Shane Repton
Shane Repton
Bad delivery service, item ordered and paid on 14th supposed to be delivered 16th-17th, now the 20th and it hasn't even got dispatched yet, I phoned 25+ times to find out where my order is, it got answered once guy asked my postcode and went off, the phone line cut after that, tried to call again no answer, avoid this terrible delivery service
Ryan Osborne
Ryan Osborne2 years ago
Nothing but good things to say about scooter and bikes fast delivery
Great service always quick to replay top top service would recommend to anyone
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