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Derby Rd, Spondon, Derby DE21 7LW, United Kingdom

ASDA Pharmacy
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WH8J+P2 Derby, United Kingdom
+44 1332 826719
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Jacqui R Hinton
Jacqui R Hinton231 days ago
In the past I would have given 4 or 5 stars but not anymore, there seems to be a loss of good staff including an excellent "pharmacist" . Definitely room for supply chain management improvement, last week given short prescription for a very common product so left with their "owed" document no use of course when you need the missing item. Reason given well its a supply problem and we don't know when we will be able to order and receive a delivery - but you can get another prescription from your doctor or of course find the medication and buy it! Rang another Asda Pharmacy and they said even if they had the item in question they could not let me have it without a new prescription made out to their branch.

Unbelievable that a company the size of Asda can't seem to get any form of joined up writing in other words Customer Service together. What is happening the place is going too pot after the change in ownership!!!
Laura Lee
Laura Lee293 days ago
This isn't my usual pharmacy, but I would expect the same standards across all pharmacies. That would include the fact they keep you standing around waiting to be served while they hide in the back pretending they haven't seen you! You then get to stand there waiting for 20 minutes while they sort out your prescription, the slowest people I've ever seen. I honestly wouldn't have bothered if it weren't for the fact nowhere else was open near me!! I went to pick up my neighbours medication another week, which was already preordered, it took them forever to find it. My neighbour has switched pharmacies now to my usual one and she was shocked at how fast and professional they were, which is quite sad really!!!
*Shadow Trap*
*Shadow Trap*293 days ago
Maybe If they could be bothered to answer the phone would help. 22 calls while I am at work. Not one answered. Just need to know if they have stock of my sons meds but will see when partner finishes day at work and makes special trip if they have stock. Not difficult to answer a phone is it !!
Mark Roberts
Mark Roberts293 days ago
Very inhospitable staff, pharmacy orders are nearby a week behind I was advised do not ready 3 days after due. Changed my chemists now
Sharron Hood
Sharron Hood354 days ago
Waited for 20 minutes for prescription that was sent from doctors 4 days ago. Total chaos, others not receiving full prescriptions, and complaining,. NO customer service. If they had told me there was a problem I would not had been so cross and might have been more patient. Have now changed chemists.
Linda Russell
Linda Russell354 days ago
You can never get them to answer the phone! Really frustrating when you may not be able to go in but need advice or assistance. They also need more staff as it is a busy place and you're often kept waiting.
Judge Right
Judge Right1 year ago
The worse. they never pick up professional phone calls. I have spent two days trying to phone them. Still on the phone day 3, nobody is picking up but service is open. absolutely appalling
Ashwin Srinivasan
Ashwin Srinivasan1 year ago
The elderly pharmacist is ok but the other lady is extremely rude. They didn't have Beechams and took nearly 5 minutes to say so. The pharmacist told me very rudely "can't you see she's talking to you?", referring to the elderly lady, when I momentarily glanced away as I was feeling utterly miserable from the cold.
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