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Queensmere Observatory Shopping Centre

High St, Slough SL1 1LN, United Kingdom

Queensmere Observatory Shopping Centre
Shopping mall
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GC56+C5 Slough, United Kingdom
+44 1753 537654
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Monday: 9–18
Tuesday: 9–18
Wedneasday: 9–18
Thursday: 9–19
Friday: 9–18
Saturday: 9–19
Sunday: 11–17
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Anns Sev
Anns Sev175 days ago
Good service, timely ride to airport friendly staff and rates.. (what a jock)
Update: Month later, when we had to extend parking services because of late arrival, the charges doubled. So arranged to pick up our car and it won't start. They were supposed to switch on the ignition every few days, but obviously, who knows. So after a few well spent hours power started. Such a waste of money and time.
F S175 days ago
Needs more cleaning please.
But over all not a bad place.
Improved recently new shops here.
You can get what you want.
Variety of food and range of pound shops, banks, bakery and etc.
Not a bad place if you want to do day to day tasks.
Valerie Grover
Valerie Grover297 days ago
Whatever happened to this shopping centre! It has become a vast area of empty properties or quick pop up shops. All the main retail shops have moved out. What was a decent centre has been allowed to go to waste. How is Slough ever going to recover as a place worth visiting.
Charan Singh
Charan Singh328 days ago
There was a time when the shopping centre had all the stops open and there was a lot people.
These days only a few shops are open - it would be really nice a decide on the future of the shopping centre.
Robert Sankey
Robert Sankey1 year ago
Slough lovely place to shop. Not Now Four last 2 years ore more . Slough no had a street market quite a few years ago go to loads of people when is that's all gone.
Sangita Sharma
Sangita Sharma1 year ago
I would to admire this shopping mall and a frequent visitor before Covid. After Covid I went and most of Shops are now closed. It is mostly empty with more shops having ads of closing down sale. It feels sad that a good shopping mall is not able to keep its momentum. It will be good to have some initiatives to bring it to life again.
PT1 year ago
Used to be a bright and vibrant centre many many years ago. Growing up bought all essential clothes and skincare and groceries from shops in this centre. So many businesses gone :( Sad to see it like this. Also part of the western side of Queensmere is to be closed soon.
Kevin Flintoff
Kevin Flintoff2 years ago
Ok for parking but a lack of shops. Many have now closed. Not many people in the high street or precincts given it was the run up to Christmas.
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