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Abbey College Cambridge

Homerton Gardens, Purbeck Rd, Cambridge CB2 8EB, United Kingdom

Abbey College Cambridge
Sixth form college
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54PM+P5 Cambridge, United Kingdom
+44 1223 578280
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Henry Nguyen
Henry Nguyen
This school is everything about money not for the quality of the student. As an international student , i didn;t know about any school in UK . Then an agent suggest for me and i went to study here and pay 21000 £ to study here . But the facility is bad . School is so small . Not all of teacher are qualified. There is some economic and math teachers who don't know clearly about the subject they are teaching but some of them is very good such as Dunkan and bross in math and an economic teacher. Im not recomen this school for you. This is only my point of view.
Anna Tan
Anna Tan
1. The food is awesome! If you're Asian, you won't be that homesick.
2. Jolly good staff and everyone is fun to be around.
3. Small classroom sizes makes it feel like you're in a private tuition so it's cool! :)
4. Fun activities!!!
5. The media club is really cool.
6. All the teachers are smart and dedicated.
7. It is the best if you come here after you turn 16 (after September) so you won't be a CSA student. But if you did come anyway, you'll get free lunch. Cons for that is you register 3 times a day.
8. You'll love it! ^_^
I know many students who are currently studying at Abbey College Cambridge and I have never heard of such news regarding drug issues. I doubt the validity of such claim. As per my understanding, the College is very strict with their rules and students even need to observe curfew hours. Warning and complaints will be sent to parents back at home if students break the rules or not behaving.

As for student population, I know there are many international students from different parts of the world.

The new campus is impressive, the facilities are nice. I suggest you visit and check out the place yourself if you are thinking to study there, I guess that is the best way to confirm the facts and decide if it is the right fit for you. I believe there’s nothing better than seeing it with your own eyes?
Gabriela Notaro Francesco
Gabriela Notaro Francesco178 days ago
Wonderful school and lovely staff. My children were offered exactly what they needed to be successful, and learnt to be independent learners. I feel so happy that I chose this school for them.
Elisa Saibene
Elisa Saibene209 days ago
Terrible summer experience! Staff and activity leaders were highly disorganised and rude. Food was a shame and everybody ignored the importance of the separated trash, there was only one bin for everything from plastic to organic waste.
My bedroom was in front of the train tracks and the noise kept me awake for most of the nights. The cleaning staff came once per week and this reflects the hygiene condition of the entire college.
English lessons were taught by people who hadn’t the right competences. Moreover they had a bad pronunciation.
So if you are thinking of sending your son to this building, continue your search for better places!!!
Mattia209 days ago
Unfriendly and unhelpful managers, bad food and the only source of water available was a tap (perhaps with poorly filtered water), unskilled teachers with completely random ratings, poorly organized activities.
Dalial Mutallapova
Dalial Mutallapova270 days ago
I studied in Abbey for two years and if i had the opportunity i would do it all over again. I met some of the kindest and most supportive teachers. Especially Nigel Tattersfield. Cambridge Is a very cozy place and after a while it does start to feel like home. I made some amazing memories and achievements both academic and boarding related. Abbey College is now a sweet, nostalgic memory of mine.
Tnok2 years ago
All glittery words and emails until you pay the fee and get accepted, then you're nothing but a bank account to them. No level of sympathy from anyone, nobody cares about the students unless there's something in it for themselves. Worst educational experience I have ever had, now it's more like a trauma to me. Cancelled my application before starting of the second year when others still hadn't paid the second year but I didn't get a penny back! Money theives and nothing else. I was about to get into a life threatening situation because of the inexperienced matron there and what they did about it? They told me to tell noone else!!! Cruel people. Working on my lawsuit. I wish i could give negative stars
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