Tesco Extra

Pontardulais Rd, Cadle, Fforest-fach, Swansea SA5 4BA, United Kingdom

Tesco Extra
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M225+87 Fforest-fach, Swansea, UK
+44 345 677 9646
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Sunday: 10–16
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Rachel Morcom
Rachel Morcom
Fast good for people in a rush
Adrian J
Adrian J
Cafe very good, quick efficient and friendly service. Breakfast good and served very promptly. Would recommend.
Amanda D
Amanda D210 days ago
I love this store. Customer service is always excellent at the tills including self service. If you're budgeting then having a Tesco clubcard means you can save on your shopping as there are clubcard prices and you will save money at the till. A range of produce which are fresh. You can buy just about anything here. Location is easy to get to and there are various shops you can visit on site.
John Graham Rogers
John Graham Rogers271 days ago
The store is comprehensive, well organised and staff helpful. However, one negative comment! The cafe, no doubt contracted out, is smart but if you get a meal it's on paper plate with very small wooden snack type knife and fork. The fork is useless, being unable to pick up the garden peas from the plate, I had to ask for a spoon would you believe. Also the scampi was virtually impossible to fork . In the end it's down to using fingers! I don't like that very much. So beware - if you go, I would have a decent stainless steel knife , fork and spoon in your bag just in case. Best solution- have a sandwich.
Gareth Lewis
Gareth Lewis271 days ago
Walked out after seeing 7-8 people, each with a fairly full trolley, queuing at each of the few tills that were open. Last week it took 20 minutes to get through the checkout (I kept an eye on the time, that's not an estimate), which was ridiculous enough. I thought I'd give it another try because it's handy, I pass it on the way home from work, but with those queues today the wait would have been far longer. Morrisons (4 miles away) had my 80-odd quid instead and I was still home sooner.

Getting people through checkout - getting money in the tills - is the one most important part of running any store. How can they make such a bad job of such a basic thing? How arrogant can they be to expect people to wait half an hour or more to buy from them, when there are so many other supermarkets around? Is Tesco busy enough not to have to care? I won't be going back - they clearly don't want the business.
Maureen Humphries
Maureen Humphries302 days ago
As I left this store this afternoon with other customers the security alarm went off. I was stopped by a man who said he wanted to see my receipt. I did not have one as the self serve till I used has the option not to print a receipt. The 'security guard' said it should have. I went back through the door no alarm, I went through the door again no alarm. The security man just stood there and watching me saying nothing. I went to the customer service desk and explained to a helpful member of staff who sorted it out for me. No apology was given to me by the man and he was watching me when I walked to my car which made me feel very uncomfortable. Not a nice experience.
Carl Perera
Carl Perera332 days ago
Quiet, easy parking, huge store. Loads of seasonal offers.
Vince jones
Vince jones2 years ago
The instore bakery has the nicest bread anywhere but they have cut back so much there is never any left to buy. I was told the last baking time was around 12. If you work there is none left by 4pm. Yes they now have zero waste but they are also losing a massive amount of sales. Because of this I now have to shop in Sainsbury as they always have nice fresh bread to buy.
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