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Millies Tea Rooms, Chocolatier and Bed & Breakfast

7 Church St, Hayfield, High Peak SK22 2JE, United Kingdom

Millies Tea Rooms, Chocolatier and Bed & Breakfast
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93H3+MR High Peak, United Kingdom
+44 1663 741584
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Anisa Teladia
Anisa Teladia240 days ago
I was really looking forward to visiting this tea room for ages and finally got the opportunity today. I arrived and sat down. After about 5 minutes the menu was bought and I was told they don't serve jot food after 3. I got there at 3.30 so was not happy that I'd driven for 2 hours just to have a hot chocolate!! I hadn't even packed lunch as I thought I would be having lunch there. Their service was so slow that by the time I did get my drink, it was too late for me to go anywhere else to get something to eat as most cafes close at 5.
The hot chocolate was not hot so instead of being able to savour it, i had to gulp it down before it got cold. Also couldn't taste any chocolate, just the milk so didn't even enjoy that.
On the plus side, they were friendly and provided a very nice place to pray. Also the brownie was very nice and gooey.
Maybe if I had known and had got there before 3, my experience may have been totally different.
Zahid Makda
Zahid Makda240 days ago
We had a very bad experience and customer service is poor.

Myself and wife, along with two young children, arrived at Millie's, with high hopes. We hadn't had breakfast and were hoping to have a good brunch here at around 11am. When we arrived, after a 3 hour journey, the entire tea room had been "pre booked" by a group of approx 30-35 people... Quite selfish really.

Anyway, we weren't even served. We were simply told, "sorry we can't make any orders for you as we're fully booked. We can make a hot drink and you can buy the cakes etc."

This is rude and poor customer service.
Noor Afzaal
Noor Afzaal240 days ago
Every one has their own opinions of a place they visit but to pinpoint a working employ and writing on a public platform regarding the employee with their name is so unethical to begin with and love how the customer backs up saying they realized right when they ate half of their food and also that the employee apologized but still the apologie means nothing because they paid . Well you shouldn't have ate it then in the first place and coming here and pin pointing them out in public is a very rude way of clarifying your point. You don't like the place well then it's okay but you have no right to name an employee and openly insult them just for their mistakes and as humans we all make mistakes . No one is a perfectionist. Learn to forgive and forget.
Umar babar aslam
Umar babar aslam240 days ago
What a beautiful place to visit. In the middle of PeakDistrict, shocked to see a halal tea room. We had Lahori Nashta which was fantastic food ever in uk. Very busy place... Apparantly only open on weekends due to touist dependency
R B270 days ago
Went out of my way to find this place that I had heard so much about..it is slightly overrated..I love supporting small businesses but one has to be real. The food is a little pricey but decent. It is a very small place and gets cramped very quickly. But nonetheless the scones were a delight and my tea was just what I needed after MamTor!
A C301 days ago
Had a lovely time at Millie’s. Cute rustic place with delicious halal afternoon tea. Lovely selection of sandwiches and yummy desserts. I then had a chocolate truffle making workshop with Rukiya. Learnt a huge amount about chocolate! And got to make my own truffles and chocolate lollipops. Rukiya is lovely and very talented and it was a delight to meet her. The waitress could have been friendlier but Rukiya and the rest of the team made up for it with their warmth and service. Will be back again soon!
Rose Allerston
Rose Allerston301 days ago
This place used to be lovely but today was a bad experience. Service was slow and chaotic, food very overpriced at £15 for a breakfast which didn't even include all items as they were out. We were overcharged too but didn't realise until after we left as we weren't given a bill breakdown. Such a shame but we won't be returning.
Shahroz Saud
Shahroz Saud331 days ago
Such a wonderful and beautiful experience. The best team and chocolate connoisseur Ruqi thank you for being so kind to us on our visit.
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