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Peter Jones
Peter Jones
Hello Cassie

Appalling service! Please block msclothes as an ebay buyer? We do not wish to risk dealing with such an unprofessional seller again?

Expect negative feedback, together with the 100 others you've received this month!



Sent from Outlook

From: Parts In Motion
Sent: 15 September 2020 13:33
To: [email protected]
Subject: #286457886

Good afternoon

I am sorry but there has been an issue with the replacement parts for your order so I have arranged for this to be refunded.

I am truly sorry for the inconvenience this has caused

Let me know if you need any more help from us. We are here to help! (It may not be me who replies as we work as a team and share the workload).

Kind regards,


Customer Service Advisor
Parts in Motion
Lorna Lea
Lorna Lea
Wrong size parts sent and now I cant get thro to them to be able to return them... they must be operating to have sent them.email hasnt n been replied to and .phone..I had to leave a message. they did send them very quickly though.
Russell Walker
Russell Walker
Appalling service on eBay bought an electric fuel pump which comes with a 12-month warranty it is packed in and would not uphold the warranty telling me it is not for the vehicle that was listed on their website and it is it is the exact pump that was taken off and also the exact pump that has now been supplied by Bentley absolute disgrace stay well clear
Nathan Broughton
Nathan Broughton342 days ago
Unfortunately this is another example of a company that doesn't care once they have taken your money, Despite a solution being recommended that wouldn't cost the business a penny, the response was nothing more that a shoulder shrug. Im glad they feel like they are in a position to loose customers.
Duffy P.T
Duffy P.T1 year ago
Not great parts. But staff were fantastic thanks to all
Nasahir moulana
Nasahir moulana1 year ago
Always cheating advertise branded parts when ordered sending wrong and unbranded items.
Erdemi R
Erdemi R1 year ago
Scammers on Ebay under the name 'Parts In Motion'
Paul Dawson
Paul Dawson2 years ago
I want to buy a DPF filter from them through Ebay and it says to contact them to give Vehicle Reg No. They have not responded to my email and when you call them you are cut off. I retried but same issue. I read all of the negative feedback on Ebay and looks like not worth the risk I will buy elsewhere. Their loss not mine!
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