51 Market Pl, Long Eaton, Nottingham NG10 1JP, United Kingdom

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VPXH+CC Nottingham, United Kingdom
+44 345 788 8444
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only 1 cashier on saturday dinner, had to wait 20 minutes for the guy in a suit in front of me to withdraw 5k. plenty of people floating around who work there, it would have been polite to open another till, but because i looked scruffy in my work clothes they made me wait, knowing it would take that long at least. When it was my turn there was no offer of an apology for my wait, just 'next'. Might sound like im whinging but i missed an important appointment costing me at least 50 quid.
Honest J
Honest J
Was the best bank in Long Eaton, Not any more !

I have banked with this branch for over 15 years now and it used to be great, now there are long wait times, coin machine always faulty. I requested a 30 day statement, the white haired gentleman said they don't do this any more, but other branches are happy to?

I had a letter out of the blue telling me Natwest could no longer provide banking services to me, with no reason given at all.

I wouldn't want to use RBS or Natwest again after this awful service !
lack of cashiers is a real problem, with the covid que and no cashiers a trip to the bank can be up to 40 minutes. if your going to make people que outside then get a awning to keep customers dry. It used to be the best bank in town
Sue Gibson
Sue Gibson
I know that the current situation is difficult for everyone but I am confused about why branches of Natwest are only open 3 hours per day when most other places are back to normal. When are folks who work all week supposed to pay cheques in to their account when the branch is hardly open? The staff have always been lovely and I am sure that this is not their decision but really!!! Come on Natwest. Have a bit of consideration for your customers who work.
James Galpin
James Galpin1 year ago
1 star.
This is my local natwest.
Opening times are a joke.
Don't worry if you have to work all week and can't even go to my local bank at the weekend.
Hari Singh
Hari Singh1 year ago
Richard from the Long Eaton branch helped us and was excellent
Lech Kluk
Lech Kluk1 year ago
Bit of a wait today. Pleasant service
Marah Rahal
Marah Rahal2 years ago
Poor experience, you get no help whatsoever, and if inquiring something you get kicked out , how the hell you going to speak to a machine on the phone
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