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Stu Coffey
Stu Coffey291 days ago
I am a big fan of bookshops and I'm so glad that this one does so well in the face of rampaging click-bait style news and stories on the Internet.
This particular Waterstones has a really big selection. It's well-stocked and the staff are always warm and friendly.
For the most part I'm buying children's books nowadays and the selection here is outstanding.
It's definitely one of my Happy places !
Nicola Irons
Nicola Irons352 days ago
Great place to go for books and other items. Great disabled lift wheelchair access. You can use the toilet if you but coffee, u get your own code on receipt to get in loo, stops those from coming off street and using loo. Great coffee shop, staff super helpful. Very busy with students but a really nice atmosphere and great coffee and snacks. Def go again. Enjoyable read a book and have a cuppa, I actually did this with my dad it was fun
V Anders
V Anders352 days ago
Stopped off for a coffee in Waterstones. Reasonably priced and lovely to sit down in quiet surroundings. Quick look round store for children's books and plenty of variety for all ages.
Andrew spanswick
Andrew spanswick352 days ago
Great bookshop, what more can you want. A quiet place to browse books, relax and enjoy the ambiance. Helpful staff, coffee shop and study zone.
Tim pethick
Tim pethick1 year ago
Went to do some Christmas shopping but ended up buying a book for me 👍😁
This Waterstones is great. Coffee shop is good. Always like having a browse and often end up buying something I didn't know I needed.
Haidee rowe
Haidee rowe1 year ago
Went in to Exeter branch near John Lewis just before Christmas to get a couple of books for my mum using her book voucher to be told by a member of staff that the first book wasn't in stock in that shop but was in the other branch and no they wouldn't be getting it in to stock. The second book they had one copy but didn't know where it would be in the store, it could be upstairs or it could be down! So l left and ordered from Amazon.
Kate Mate
Kate Mate1 year ago
Lovely staff. Always help you even when they seem to be very busy. Cashiers are friendly and welcoming.
M O C H I I I2 years ago
Great place to go and always has a nice and welcoming atmosphere, Staff are always on hand to help you especially if looking for a specific genre, book or author and it's always nice to get a warm cup of tea or coffee after browsing through the various books available

Unfortunately, I can't say anything more positive as someone who started getting into reading during the Pandemic specifically horror books roughly 99.999% of the ones I'm hoping to get specifically after getting recommendations either online or TikTok are just never in Stock and if they are they tend to be 2 sometimes even 3 times more expensive than Amazon.

Tried visiting again on Sunday and out of the hundreds of books on my list I walked out empty handed, however a quick check on Amazon and Ebay and I managed to get them all and save a ton of money
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