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Nines Global Buffet

First Floor, Leisure Park, Unit 3 Clifton Way, Cambridge CB1 7DY, United Kingdom

Nines Global Buffet
Buffet restaurant
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54RP+4R Cambridge, United Kingdom
+44 1223 244277
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Monday: 12–15
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Wedneasday: 12–15
Thursday: 12–15
Friday: 12–15
Saturday: 12–15
Sunday: 12–15
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Malcolm curtis
Malcolm curtis265 days ago
We really enjoyed it. Over 200 dishes to choose from. Lots of cooking stations and great range of seafood. Very good service. Food was good quality and hot and fresh. Tables cleared quickly. Chocolate fountain to finish.
Joshua Warner
Joshua Warner327 days ago
I’ve been to Nines before and wasn’t disappointed. I’m going to be clinical about Nines in Cambridge to ensure I’ve not missed anything.

The good -
Lots of variety.
Well cooked and full of flavour.
Staff were very polite and welcoming.
Well stocked.

The bad -
Felt the food was a bit miss matched and all over the place.
Jelly was hard.

The UGLY -
The toilets have ultimately lost you two stars. 3 toilets 1 missing a toilet seat and the one I walked into looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in days. I had to stop eating because the fecal matter covering the toilet and seat was just too much to bare. It looked like someone had exploded in there and no member of staff dared to venture to see or clean the aftermath. God forbid an unwitting child went in there only to find themselves surrounded by the pooey pit of hell of which are the toilets in Nines.

I did notify management who didn’t massively seem to care and declared someone must have just done it. I didn’t mentioned I nearly lost my trainers because the floors were as sticky as a 90s nightclub, luckily I made it out safely. And for all of this I have had to rate just three stars.

**Warning** ensure you go to the toilet prior to eating here and you’ll likely have a great experience.
Emilia Rudz
Emilia Rudz357 days ago
We went there on Wednesday, after 7 pm. Place was very busy, which affected the quality and availability of food. Bar wasn't well equipped, some food overcooked and very dry, but tofu was super tasty. Deep fried fish was mainly oil and batter, noodles dry. Some of the vegetables were probably very DOA, and as much as I am into not wasting food, I'd rather to it at home, it just didn't feel right. To be honest staff was super friendly and helpful, really nice and quick people. I like the idea of notices that state that you take it, you eat it- although put in much nicer way. Not everyone adhered to that, but many did I think. I don't think we'll be going there again, but you never know, it may get better and nicer.
J D357 days ago
First time @Nine’s ,nice buffet spread, live counter skewers was not cooked properly ,Indian counter does not taste like Indian ,can try once but not another time sooner .
Bebe Wen
Bebe Wen1 year ago
I put ⭐⭐⭐⭐ due to they put us in a very corner and at the back it's really a bit long way to bring your food so I get two plates 😀😀 .
Also the queue of the grill station its quite long,you need more patience if you want your beef steak or grill squid or stir fry. It's delicious tho.
The staff are quick cleaning the table and very organized and friendly. It was Saturday and it's so busy.
Load of choice's...

The crispy seaweed that time is very salty and I told the staff.... I don't know if she told the kitchen.
Connor McCutcheon
Connor McCutcheon1 year ago
Out of all the "all you can eat" buffets I have gone to, this one I would say was the best. The choice of food here was immeasurable, and the quality of food here was also very nice.

I believe that this buffet was more than adequate for a group of any size. I personally went with a group of 7 and the service was especially good. Queues to get into the place were not ideal for us and especially in the harsh windy conditions of the East of England (12mph North East) were not as expected. However, this may vary on a day to day basis depending on the way the wind blows.

In all seriousness, the atmospheric conditions were generally okay, and the food here was great - make sure (as my aunt says) to use 3 plates at a time since efficiency is key for an all you can eat buffet especially under a 1 hour 45 time limit!

For real, the place was great and staff were friendly - definitely worth the money!!
Andy Deane
Andy Deane1 year ago
Good service, good atmosphere, nice n clean

Lots of Asian foods available which me and and my Asian friend liked

But they said the chicken was bland so I gave it a four star

Had loads of ice cream and it was pretty good

Would go again 💯
Connor Butler
Connor Butler2 years ago
Food was nice, there was a very wide selection from lots of different countries. The food was warm and tasty and the bottomless soft drinks were a bonus.

Wouldn't recommend going a weekend personally, it was packed and very difficult to get food sometimes. Some dishes would also run out quickly. Definitely better to go on a weeknight if you prefer a less hectic eatery.
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