Lydford Castle and Saxon Town

Silver St, Lydford, Okehampton EX20 4BH, United Kingdom

Lydford Castle and Saxon Town
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JVVR+C6 Okehampton, United Kingdom
+44 370 333 1181
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Yuki Yoshioka
Yuki Yoshioka
Cool castles with lots of history. We also loved a little church next to it with fantastic carved wood decor. There is a free local parking almost next to it. So it was very convenient.
Andy Pakeman
Andy Pakeman
This is a small castle. Free of charge to enter. Not a true castle, it was built as a court and prison. Supposedly haunted. Felt cold down at the bottom. Well worth a visit. Lydford itself has a lot of history.
Legendary Beepa
Legendary Beepa293 days ago
A really lovely village and the Castle (prison really) is very creepy. In a good way. Unfortunately the stairs down to the bottom were closed when we went in August 2022. A great visit though.
S. Dreg
S. Dreg293 days ago
IF you like Prehistoric sites and/or ancient ruins and have a lot of imagination about how it might have looked in its heyday then this is for you. Excellent remains of Saxon ramparts. The explanation on the info signs helps alot.
Nice village too.
Parking at the inn. It looked nice. Maybe have a lunch or dinner there after exploring?😊
Paul Morris
Paul Morris323 days ago
An interesting history behind it. Looking around imagining what it must have been like 😬. A nice area to the rear for a picnic.
Manic GollyH
Manic GollyH354 days ago
Lovely historic place with the old jail and saxon boundary mounds. Quaint Church and good pub. Close to the gorge with great NT wildlife reserve and waterfall.
Victoria Pearce
Victoria Pearce2 years ago
Beautiful castle full of history you can go inside it's free and there's loads of old windows and doorways etc and a stairway just inside the entrance that you can walk up and look down on everything. There is a pub next door and also a very old lovely looking church to the other side which is worth a look around
Carol A
Carol A2 years ago
A very cool Castle, lots of windows and door ways which you cant get to but look amazing. There is one area where you can follow the stairs up into the wall.
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