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Indigo Coffee House

8 St Edward's Passage, Cambridge CB2 3PJ, United Kingdom

Indigo Coffee House
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6439+R7 Cambridge, United Kingdom
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Honestly one of the best places I've been to for lunch, if not the best. Food is both affordable and delicious, and with a MASSIVE selection of different fillings and sandwiches. The entire aesthetic of the coffee shop is amazing, it really makes you feel like it's a place you could call a home outside of home. Would definitely recommend popping in for some food or a drink if you're nearby - you won't be disappointed.
Jack Bing
Jack Bing328 days ago
I see this individual likes to attack bad reviews they’re given rather than acknowledging that they could be doing a better job (Internal locus of control). I will never be visiting this cafe again it was awful. There are plenty of reasons already that can be seen in many other reviews that justifies this 1 star rating. They’re just so rude that if I could give a 0 star review I would. Note: watch how the owner replies.
Do better.
Matthew Baxter
Matthew Baxter358 days ago
Had a really poor experience here. The older woman working the counter was both rude and aggressively condescending whilst I was using their bathroom, seemingly unprovoked. The coffee was, unfortunately, very average too.

Looking at the response from the owner to other poor reviews, it seems clear that this kind of hostility isn't a rare occurrence. I hope her anger quells with time, though this is hard to imagine. Can't recommend.

Edit: As you can see, the condescending response from the owner says it all.
Emerson Richards
Emerson Richards1 year ago
Good cortados/coffees! Super cute brownie bites! I like the price-for-value ratio of the coffee & treats. So far consistently good with a pleasant staff member behind the counter.

Wish they stayed open a bit longer in the afternoons.
Ashwinkarthik Selvaraj
Ashwinkarthik Selvaraj1 year ago
Lovely little local cafe. You will see a lot of regulars who live around the area. Great hospitality and accomodating staff. They also have a little toilet for use of customers. There is seating outdoors and upstairs. Lovely cheese toaties served hot with salad and crisps.
Matthew Keith
Matthew Keith1 year ago
Excellent dog friendly, intimate little cafe that allowed my Labrador to sprawl on the floor and serves a lovely lacto free coffee… not to mention some irresistible snacks to go with.
Both staff and customers very friendly.
Jolie chou
Jolie chou1 year ago
I will never visit this cafe again. I used to go there regularly with a friend because it is close to our places. Actually I'm not sensitive to the environment, so I didn't mind that it was small, cold and had no Internet. It was a cute place in the summer.

However,the attitude of the lady in charge was too awful. Last time I ordered a cup of tea to read something and wait for my friend as we arranged to meet in an hour. When the lady came to collect the cups, She urged me to leave. I explained to her that I would order something else later when my friend arrived. She still unfriendly said that there were a lot of people waiting for this table. But there was not anyone waiting for it and I already told her I was waiting for someone and would order more. Also, I saw some other people studying there for more than half an hour as me, but she didn't ask them to leave. Why was I treated differently? Her attitude was reminiscent.

To be fair, I checked with other reviewers who mentioned being urged to leave. I don’t think I was too sensitive
Lucy Jones
Lucy Jones2 years ago
Awful experience. The lady who owns it is one of the rudest women I’ve ever met. I was told to hurry up when asking to use the guest toilet (which is situated behind the food counter- hygienic…). She also wouldn’t let us change our food order when ordering and make several rude and impatient remarks while we were deciding. The whole place is cramped, over crowded and shabby. The owner has shown her greed by trying to shove too many tables into what really is a poxy small room- you could barely move in there. The tables were dirty and you are served your food on cheap horrible plastic plates - very good for the environment!! I definitely wont be returning, worst eating out experience I’ve had in a very long time.
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