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Lockhouse Escape Games
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642G+5C Cambridge, United Kingdom
+44 1223 321216
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Steve Roberts
Steve Roberts88 days ago
Had a great time here. We took our 9 year old and 6 year old, and even though my 6 year old was probably a bit too young for it, they still enjoyed it. Joel (our host) was also fantastic and very engaging. A great activity and would highly recommend.
Leyah Christensen
Leyah Christensen210 days ago
My family and I did Egyptian tomb room and it was very fun! I loved the beginning when our tour guide piped out in full gear ready to lead us to our room! The puzzles were cleverly placed and made. The multiple rooms was very cool! We got out with only being in there for 49 minutes and 26 seconds! Great experience hope to do another room sometime soon!☺️🕵️
Luke Tay
Luke Tay271 days ago
Amazing host and fun experience. The puzzles were a bit simpler than we were expecting and sometime the game master may have been a bit overly eager to give us hints, but the production quality of the rooms are very high.
Ivo271 days ago
Thoroughly enjoyed the game! Went in June 2021. We were two of us for a game (Secret Agent) that ought to be played with four people. The game’s master was super helpful and helped us out when we were stuck. We could hear him clearly and his hints were enough to nudge us in the right direction without being too obvious. I would recommend to anyone who wants to go!
Chloe Houck
Chloe Houck302 days ago
Had a great time. Staff were light hearted with good customer service. Help was available if you needed or wanted it. We did the Egyptian room which wouldn't be suitable for anyone with mobility issues but was great fun! Will definitely be coming back to try one of the other rooms. 3 rooms in total.
Alina MIMI
Alina MIMI332 days ago
Good place for fun.
That was my first visit to that kind of event.
Guys organised room/s well.
Me and my colleagues came in two groups. I entered Egyptian one. Surprises and tricks.
Hope you'll enjoy it!
C363 days ago
Went here today with 4 other people and did the Mayan temple. Best escape room I've ever done, enough puzzles for you to split off into teams to do them so everyone is always doing things! Joel was in charge of our team, full of energy and clearly a fun person.
Top tip! There's a point in this room where 4 flat fingers fit in a gap, I got my wedding ring stuck, there are tools for this puzzle so don't make the same mistake I did, sorry for the panic Joel 🤣 will definitely be going back to do other rooms, thanks for a fun afternoon
2starsinthemaking2 years ago
We were novices & struggled a bit with the secret agent room without any hints at the start, but we managed to get out in 57 minutes with some help. Enjoyed the experience & had a fun hour, although we did think some of the puzzles didn't seem very logical. Overall this was a great experience, would recommend.
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