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Gulf Longmoor Road Service Station

Longmoor Road, Nottingham NG10 4FN, United Kingdom

Gulf Longmoor Road Service Station
Gas station
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WP64+7X Nottingham, United Kingdom
+44 345 602 9528
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Nick K
Nick K78 days ago
I was in a hurry so I went here for the convience. Prices of fuel was very expensive although they had no diesel anyway. Tried pumping my tires up but lost more air than I tried to put in. Lost £2 in the process as made multiple attemps. Not sure how earlier comments found staff were helpful as It is pure self service / pay at the pump only, with no shop anymore. Went to Tesco in the end for both fuel and air.
Helen and David Brown
Helen and David Brown169 days ago
Avoid - avoid - avoid. Self service petrol station. Rarely works correctly. Questionable accuracy, as my gauge always shows more when I fill up at a supermarket. No-one answers the phone if you call.
Garry Jackson
Garry Jackson261 days ago
Love this petrol station as the cheapest in long eaton also the pumps are upto date and you just have to press how much you want and the pump will stop and charge you the right amount only. Unlike asda where they freeze £99 in your account. So I always use this place now.
Steven Barker
Steven Barker292 days ago
Best price on fuels, been a few times and found the set pricing good for a fill up, however either the pumps are off of no fuel or only diesel not petrol. The forecourt is very small to manoeuvre on, if you have a big vehicle and no warning it's out of fuel before you pull up as it's unmanned. It also can get very busy due to the price being the cheapest in Long Eaton.
Matthew Cunliffe
Matthew Cunliffe322 days ago
The petrol is cheaper than most in the area, but it has frequently run out with no indication that it is empty. Its often only after you have actually put the pump in the car and nothing comes out that you realise. Self-service taken to the extreme - it still needs some level of human interaction.
Jamie322 days ago
Cramped fueling area, didn't have any petrol and no signs to inform you of this - had to put my card in just to find that out. Cheap fuel apparently when they did have it
Mark Donson
Mark Donson1 year ago
It's a petrol station that is card only and quite expensive I think
Chris H
Chris H2 years ago
Low price so long queue to get in but worth the wait nearly 20p cheaper than some places
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