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Amber Valley Borough Council
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Neil T
Neil T
I have to agree with some of the other reviewers; I have contacted this council on two important matters in the past couple of years. They simply found it all too difficult to take action - even requesting that I do their work for them on one occasion. Yet when I submitted an application to review my Council Tax band they were all over it..... Shock.

My experiences unfortuntaely reinforce the stereotype views we have of local civil servants, i.e. can't be bothered; too busy moaning about their salaries (compared to the Private sector where people have to work to stay employed); can't think beyond their old-fashioned policies and processes.
Claire Kay
Claire Kay
I have just rung Amber Valley Council to amend my banking details for my Direct Debit to pay my council tax. I was put through to the correct department straight away and was met with a very cheerful and polite young lady who quickly did as requested in a matter of seconds.
I have also had to do this to another two companies both of which took forever in fact my internet provider took 20 minutes.
Well done Amber Valley for being so efficient.
Richard Shaw
Richard Shaw
I had a collection of glass from the house refused and left next to our recycling bin with a sign "Unsafe to lift". There were possibly 6 bottles over the top of the bin which I carried quite easily and safely. On talking to the Council, I was told "It's not within the collection crew's contract to lift unsafe bins". What utter lunacy. By the time that the crew member had gone back to lorry, written out his barely legible comment - he / she could have simply picked up the extra 6 bottles - then left a note saying that, in future, could we put extra bottles in a bag.
The person taking the call for the Council was also a very sad example of the Council's attitude - and all of this when recycling is a very prominent issue.

The Council need to move away from this pitiful "jobs-worth" approach and start living in the real World.

The whole episode is totally pitiful - the individuals concerned should be thoroughly ashamed - although the problem is , no doubt, systemic.

Disgraceful - if I could give negative stars, I would. A rating of one star is 5 too many
Lee Swift
Lee Swift175 days ago
Renewed my bus pass at the Ripley Office. My email enquiry was answered in a very friendly and helpful way and I decided to go to the Council Offices. It couldn't have been easier. Reception staff were great and took my photograph for the pass. It all worked out well. Thanks to Amber Valley Borough Council staff in Ripley
Gruff PBG
Gruff PBG206 days ago
Asked for 2 broken wheelie bins to be removed in April. Still here in July despite multiple chases. Bored of ringing to now. Going over someones fence this afternoon I think. No delay taking my council tax payments though let me tell you.
William Armistead
William Armistead206 days ago
My enquiry was dealt with by A Worthington and it was pleasant, quick and exactly what I needed, which is rare these days! Thank you!
Chloe GoogleAccount
Chloe GoogleAccount237 days ago
Disgusting service from the housing team, promised a call back from management, never received, I'm now homeless with no support from them.
Jason Bailey
Jason Bailey298 days ago
No wonder they have to specifically ask callers to speak to their staff politely on the automated phone message when the service is this poor.
Nearly 2 months ago I reported my garden waste bin had been so damaged by the collectors I needed a new one. Three phone calls and two emails later still no new bin. They didn't even bother to respond to the first email and I've been fobbed off on the phone.
Then today no recycling collection again on my street. Appalling council services.
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