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Walford Mill Medical Centre

Knobcrook Rd, Wimborne BH21 1NL, United Kingdom

Walford Mill Medical Centre
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R246+48 Wimborne, United Kingdom
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Sarah Faulkner
Sarah Faulkner
Just wanted to say a huge thankyou to the staff at Walford Mill Surgery. I have really struggled over the past few years and the care, patience and support I have received have been incredible. The level of kindness and dedication of staff is brilliant, I feel extremely lucky to have this service. Again thank you to all for all the hard work you do.
Peter Harman
Peter Harman
I've got a number of medical conditions and have found the surgery to be most helpful. All of the Doctors and support staff, will go out of their way to do all they can to support you. Yes I know the phone system can be a pain sometimes, but when you consider the number of patients trying to see a doctor, I think the surgery does a very good job. It's well to remember, "you can't please all of the people all of the time ".
Chelsea Palmer
Chelsea Palmer34 days ago
If I could leave no stars I would. Disgusting vile human beings which work in this doctor surgery. My mum has stage 4 lung cancer and is on palliative care and they will not ever give her the pain medication which is on a repeat presentation to her even after her palliative care team and lung team have spoke to them and send numerous emails saying they cannot withhold this medication from someone that is dying and is in severe pain! They are all so unprofessional they make my mum sit there for ages while they don’t resolve anything! God forbid any of them had a terminal illness and was treated so Despicably. I cannot express enough how people should stay away from them. If it was up to them my mum
Would be dead! Disgusting humans that work here. I would tell anyone to change surgery’s as they do not have peoples best interest at heart. Walford mill you disgust me.
Ashley Morris
Ashley Morris66 days ago
I undertook a pre-employment medical whereby a minor issue was detected. I was told to speak to my GP to arrange further investigation.
I would have had more luck speaking to a brick wall…
First I was asked ‘oh, do they not do that for you?’
Then ‘well if you’re doing part of it privately, why don’t you get it all done private?’
After feeling they’re trying to fob me off, eventually I’m offered a telephone call with a Dr, but not for another 3 weeks!
I did end up arranging everything privately, with a clinic who were able to see me that afternoon.
I’m very disappointed Walford Mill were unable to help me here for what should have been a fairly routine 5 minute appointment. Instead I had to go round the houses, waiting weeks for a telephone call. Even though I had clear instructions written by the Dr who undertook my original medical.
I’m now £630 out of pocket.
Other family members have had similar experiences.
Cheryl Stanley
Cheryl Stanley127 days ago
I would like to say thank you very much to Nurse Georgia and the Receptionist on duty on 18 July when I stupidly forgot my blood form and they still managed it to save me going back home in very high heat.
Elaine Case
Elaine Case188 days ago
Moved here after terrible experiences at Old Dispensary and so glad I did!
Dr. Mark Wright is the most professional and thorough GP and can fully recommend
Stephen Homer
Stephen Homer2 years ago
I am loosing patience with this practice. Some of the doctors offer a satisfactory service but the practice management is very poor in my opinion. For example the practice arranged a telephone consultation/appointment and sent me a text beforehand to remind me of the appointment time but which the doctor then missed. 2 hours after the missed appointment I was sent another automated text asking how I rated my appointment - you could not make it up. When I called the practice 2.5 hours after the appointment time there was no apology for the inconvenience and when I asked if I should wait another hour for the doctor’s call I was accused of being sarcastic !
Deborah Thuesen
Deborah Thuesen2 years ago
I’ve just joined the surgery having moved frim Verwood, and have to say how impressed I have been with every member of staff who I have dealt with so far. They have been efficient and ever-do friendly. I was even able to get a non-urgent appointment within a reasonable timeframe. Keep up the great work!
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