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47A Town St, Duffield, Belper DE56 4GG, United Kingdom

Appletree Medical Practice
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XGP7+5P Belper, United Kingdom
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Chris Buckley
Chris Buckley
Always efficient and fast service. I lost my inhaler on Friday evening - because they open Saturday morning I was able to visit the helpful receptionist who arranged a repeat prescription and less than an hour later I received a call to tell me I could pick up a new inhaler. Great service thank you!
Alex Brossler
Alex Brossler
Rude receptionist on multiple occasions.
Not kept up to date with progress of prescription.
Only seen the light since changing to another local GP. They are polite, professional and efficient. I can’t believe I put up with it for so long.
Spiff Sparkles
Spiff Sparkles231 days ago
Awful management of chronic conditions, my Hypothyroidism has deteriorated recently, which has affected my job and overall wellbeing.
Awful telephone manner, GP listened for 30 seconds before ending the call, and then sent me for the wrong bloodtest - which I waited 3 weeks to get an apt for! Back to square one.
P B322 days ago
I cannot praise the clinicians and staff at Appletree high enough. I keep hearing horror stories of the some GP surgeries but have always found Appletree to be really helpful and kind.
Silver Moon
Silver Moon1 year ago
Sometimes the surgery and chemist doesnt organise your repeat medication properly, then they make you feel that it is you with the problem. I do not feel they provide time or holistic approach, especially with those with hidden disabilities and long term medical conditions. I feel appletree worry now about ticking the boxes. They do not go that extra mile for you, these days. And I feel that little Eaton residents don't have proper access to a surgery these days which isn't fair - not everyone has got a car. So not everyone can access the surgery in Duffield. Years ago, the old doctors used to go that extra mile for you. But in the last five years with this surgery, I don't feel most of the gp's are very understanding. You are just a statistic there sadly. The gp surgery is still not open to the public yet which is disgusting. Not everyone can travel to the Duffield surgery. I just don't feel doctors there go that extra mile for you any more.
Geoff2 years ago
Excellent! I recently had a serious, but unusual event. The normally formal receptionist was sympathetic and arranged for a triage doctor to ring me. He correctly diagnosed the problem but asked me to see a colleague who specialises in this area. The colleague put me through a series of tests, then rang the Neurology Consultant to make sure I hadn't had a stroke. Within the hour I had had a CT scan and blood tests. All clear and exactly as the Appletree doctors had diagnosed. Thank you everyone at Appletree, this could have been a life threatening event but prompt action made sure I was safe.
E2 years ago
I think this is a brilliant surgery. Although there is a receptionist that has a blunt tone, once you get to know her she is actually very nice and helpful.
The receptionist have always been helpful and very empathetic. There are some brilliant GP's there, that are very thorough in their care and person centred. I would recommend this surgery.
Jay Marriott
Jay Marriott2 years ago
Waste of time, no help at all. If you have special needs forget about it.
98% of the time I have called and spoken to someone, I have always ended up being upset and being angry.
No compassion at all. I am looking for another surgery.
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