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Eastway Clinic

East Way, Bournemouth BH8 9PU, United Kingdom

Eastway Clinic
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P4XR+7W Bournemouth, United Kingdom
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Ali Jeffs
Ali Jeffs321 days ago
Wouldn’t recommend this surgery staff are rude!!
As a mother who had just gave birth 3 weeks ago I was at at appointment at the local children’s centre but had left and waiting for my sister to pick me and my 3 week old baby up. I as a new mother needed the toilet and after giving birth my bladder is rather weak, only to be told ‘No sorry I couldn’t use the toilet and in any case they had no changing facilities’.

Let’s go back to point 1 - thank you for not allowing me to use the toilet my bladder is not great and I have already been referred for physio!!

Point 2 - in this day and age why do you not have baby changing facilities?!

Point 3 - maybe a little more considerate with people, my child had just failed his hearing test, I lost my father suddenly 4 weeks ago and my emotions are sky high so thank you for making me feel even worse than I did already! You never know what peoples emotional states are in!
Andrew Rogers
Andrew Rogers2 years ago
Just had Covid Vaccine. Staff were very friendly and well organised. When one considers the number of people going through, the staff were remarkably patient and polite. Lord bless our NHS workers as they sure are a blessing onto us.
Olivia Turner
Olivia Turner2 years ago
Very disapppointed had my first jab 29th January and here we are in May and I've heard nothing overdue now
Paul Bale
Paul Bale2 years ago
Had my covid jab here with many others .staff were calm and friendly professional's no panic and quickly dealt with . Marvelous place
Michael Guthrie
Michael Guthrie2 years ago
In out 20 minutes,excellent service,all safety concerns covered,happy staff,thank you ALL
Julie Vogel
Julie Vogel2 years ago
Went for my vaccination. The staff were amazing
Dler Ibrahim
Dler Ibrahim2 years ago
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