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ODEON Oxford Magdalen St

Magdalen St, Oxford OX1 3AE, United Kingdom

ODEON Oxford Magdalen St
Movie theater
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QP3R+W7 Oxford, United Kingdom
+44 333 014 4501
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Luka Savic
Luka Savic
OK have you ever been in a movie teathre well this is not one. It's dirty filthy terrible movie watching place. The picture was so bad and small. Sound was terrible too. Well everything inside this movie something is terrible and you have to pay that much money to have worser experience than 5 of you watching movie on mobile phone. Don't go there.
Dave Bushell
Dave Bushell
Nice to see a cinema with character. Really comfy seating and really good sound
Theo Bruckbauer
Theo Bruckbauer227 days ago
Absolutely awful. The screen isn’t great, seats are uncomfortable as the screen is quite high up, sound is muffled and generally bad. If you can, go for the Curzon in Westgate, or, if that is not an option, the other Odeon nearby.
Ian Snell
Ian Snell289 days ago
Parts of the building are suffering from age, but the huge main screen is great!
Huw Francis
Huw Francis350 days ago
The film itself was fine but the (many) adverts beforehand were MUCH TOO LOUD.
I almost walked out before the film even started.
Daniel Gothard
Daniel Gothard2 years ago
This is a beautiful cinema, a classic example of an original 1920s picture house, with some lovely Art Deco features. It has a century of film history in its walls which FAR outweighs any so-called modern benefits. My favourite.
Wesley Pinto
Wesley Pinto2 years ago
The place is huge compared to the Westgate cinema, but the chairs are quite uncomfortable as they do not recline. 20 minutes of advertisement. I suspect the person who was responsible for dimming the lights was taking a nap at the time the film started.
Alexander Nowak
Alexander Nowak2 years ago
NO HEATING ALERT! The boiler has been broken for over a month. How does this even happen?
Worse even, they do not a) tell you online before buying tickets, or b) have a sign up at the entrance or at ticket purchase on site. Ridiculous. The only sign is posted where you enter the cinema... a bit late, no?
At least the staff are understanding and you can get free items as compensation.
Absolutely unacceptable from such a massive corporation.
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