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Lloyds Pharmacy
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Robert Williams
Robert Williams
They are bringing a new computer system online and reporting delays of up to two hours. After waiting his long, amid the chaos I left without my insulin. I am attempting to get it prescribed again today as I can get no answer from their continuously engaged phone line.
Life bank store
Life bank store
very busy dispensing pharmacy in the main hall of the outpatients clinics area on presenting your prescription to the main counter a numbered ticket is issued . when ready your ticket number is displayed on a tv monitor at the dispensing counter NOTE TICKETS DO NOT RUN IN SEQUENCE so a higher or lower number may be displayed before your prescription is ready
Anne-Sophie De Baets
Anne-Sophie De Baets
I seriously suggest to look for another pharmacy if you want to avoid a lot of stress and time waste. If you're seeing a doctor at Addenbrookes, make sure to ask them not to send your prescription to this Pharmacist (mine did) but ask for a print-out if you can. If I could give a 0, I would.
After waiting at Lloyds Pharmacist for 40 minutes, they told me they didn't have the medication and to come back 2 days later. Okay, can happen I suppose. After returning 3 days later (giving them an extra day), they told me they still didn't have it...Wasted an hour of travel for nothing, which can happen. This time, they took my telephone number and said they would let me know.

1 week later, still no idea what's going on, I called them again. This time, they told me they won't be able to get hold of the medication (it may have been discontinued) and I will have to get in touch with the hospital again?!

All of this could have been avoided if they just checked that from the start, and gave me a phone call straight away. Meanwhile, I still don't have the medication that I really need.
Pete H
Pete H
The worst pharmacy I have ever had the misfortune to deal with! I live 2hrs away from Addenbrokes, a great hospital which is sadly let down by this awful company which its atrocious reviews confirm. My day was an 8 hour day of 3 appointments. On my wait out I tried to collect my preordered prescription meds. There is a queuing system where you queue forever to queue in yet another queue for even longer. Whereas every other pharmacy in the world thinks queuing once is more than enough!! The girl had no comprehension of my situation having waited 20 minutes to see her. I said my hospital transport was waiting and she suggested I pick my vital medicines (post transplant) when am next here in a week having already told her I only have three days left as they doubled the dosage. The next queue was 30 minutes long and going nowhere. I had to leave without my medicines. I shall be complaining to my transplant doctor and the hospital. This is gross incompetence in extremis and I pity the captive audience that has to deal with them. Awful, awful, awful and I wont be using them again.
Scott stevens
Scott stevens
Now a Rowlands Pharmacy and absolutely no good. Over an hour wait for my mum's prescription and we practically came to blows with the pharmacist. Personally I think the dose of drugs he gave us was lower strength than prescribed too
Ryan M Foster
Ryan M Foster
This really is the most chaotic pharmacy you could ever visit for the below reasons

1 The layout .its in the wrong part of the hospital near a busy corridor and restaurant. You cannot sit in the tiny waiting area because of the queues of people. 1 queue people waiting to get served and the one on the right waiting to collect their prescriptions or told to wait get their form.

2. The technology is equally appalling. Often when I was there the small waiting screen went off and no one had any idea of the then waiting times!

3. Customer service. No apology from the staff for the 1 hour wait for my prescription. Not even when I was in 1st queue they told me the waiting times.

4 .Privacy. well this is impossible but fair enough to be expected due to the layout.

5. While I was waiting 2 fellow patients were told the pharmacy did not have their prescription in stock. They should told them when placed the order.

6. Long wait can only mean higher car park charges from the time I eventually get out of the hospital.
Claudine Venter
Claudine Venter139 days ago
Did not have the medication. Said it will be sent to us the following day. A week later still nothing. Don't answer their phone at all. Very unfriendly and unhelpful staff. Not in the mood to help customers.
Rebecca B
Rebecca B292 days ago
If I could give 0 stars I would. My daughter had an appointment last Monday it's now Thursday so a week and 4 days later and she still doesn't have her prescription! Endless amounts of calling and they don't answer or don't have it in stock!
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