EJ's Pharmacy (Keldholme Lane)

104 Keldholme Ln, Alvaston, Derby DE24 0RY, United Kingdom

EJ's Pharmacy (Keldholme Lane)
20 reviews
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VHRP+C4 Derby, United Kingdom
+44 1332 574131
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Monday: 9–13
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Caz JD
Caz JD
When I go to be served I DON'T expect:
a) To be barged past by the person behind me . . . .
b) When that happens, for the lady serving to TOTALLY ignore me (I'd resumed my first place in the queue when she came forward) and commence serving the other person ! ! !
This is a warning to you all that on collecting you prescription make sure you have the full amount of drugs that is on the prescription. I have been short changed by a months supply. I will not be able to reorder at the doctors for 2 months. I need my drugs or I become very ill. I contacted on Saturday but you guessed it....closed. I now have to sort this out once they are open again and can honestly say I will not use EJ's ever again.
D Ramsden
D Ramsden
The pharmacist is always friendly and informative. Always willing to give good advice
Carrie Edwards
Carrie Edwards
I've been using EJ's on Keldholme for 20 years. Brilliant service every time - efficient, fast, friendly, helpful, and always happy to advise. Nothing is ever too much trouble. Thank you.
Graham whitehead
Graham whitehead
Seems each time we go to pick up our prescriptions the one lady is there holding the fort while the Chemist himself decided to stay in bed, thats fine but seems poor lady left holding the fort cant hand any prescriptions out without him, ive had to change chemist as i dont have the time to drive 10 miles each day from my home to find out if hes turned up today or not, we put up with it for more than a year before we decided, enough is enough, i suppose jobs are getting less and less important for some people
Tim johnson
Tim johnson60 days ago
Forever waiting whilst the young girls chat to each other, one is constantly playing with her mobile phone, you call first to make sure that the prescription is there and ready but guess what.?? There not open Saturdays and close at dinner for an hour. Enough is enough time to change.
Jenny Leighton
Jenny Leighton91 days ago
The most unreliable pharmacy I have ever come across. My daughter is epileptic and been on medication for 5 years been with this pharmacy for 2.5 years and in that time we’ve received everything from an old woman’s blood pressure tablets to some gentleman’s anxiety tablets all with addresses and personal infomation. When going for my daughters medication they never ever have it but regret to inform you until you go and actually pick it up by which time she is dangerously low on tablets and it’s a rush to try and sort it out. They are rude and disrespectful. Having been told it’s tough and she isn’t the only person with epilepsy she’s 6 I had to go direct to the hospital.
Pamela Dexter
Pamela Dexter2 years ago
Very efficient friendly staff brilliant chemist 😁
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