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Johns Chemist Alphega Pharmacy
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Bishop Rev Dr Dennis Hayes
Bishop Rev Dr Dennis Hayes
If you have your prescriptions electronically sent to any Pharmacist think twice before you choose John's Pharmacy.
The pressure of having this extra work has proved too great and many mistakes are being made and you could come away with medication missing, once you have left with your medication it is too late to complain, I have found the staff to be uncaring and will not allow you to go home with the missing items.
At all pharmacist check your prescription before leaving the shop. It will be too late afterwards.
Ray Butler
Ray Butler73 days ago
This chemist is very local to me and I have mine and my elderly mothers medications delivered , the chemist and all staff are always busy I know and we have to wait our time. In the que for deliveries , the staff are always helpful and the delivery drivers are a credit to the chemist ,and at these complicated times and throughout covid ,I think they do a fantastic job under such stress , Could you do it ? I know I couldn’t I think it’s amazing how they don’t have a picking machine like broadway chemist do ,and Johns do it all manually !!! Well done to you all your angels doing such a stressful job keep up all your good work , Not all of us complain 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
Blonde Nikki
Blonde Nikki226 days ago
Never answer the phone but polite staff
Tracey Ayres
Tracey Ayres2 years ago
Absolutely brilliant since I have been at Johns the last 3 years. I have a lot of trouble getting prescriptions from my doctors, the staff Katie, Lucy and Amanda have been godsends. They help me with any problems I have and even ring the doctors too. They are all brilliant to speak to and customer care is second to none. Thankyou Johns Chemist and the lovely girls
Yours gratefully
Mrs Tracey Ross ( nee Ayres)
Mark Russell
Mark Russell2 years ago
Customer service is shocking. My prescription was down for delivery and following surgery they said they'd deliver the following day. The following day I called to confirm it would be delivered and they said it was down for collection and the earliest they could deliver was in 5 days. They refused to bring my prescription any earlier.
Mike Lovell
Mike Lovell2 years ago
Shocking Customer Service.
My mother in law required an emergency prescription from her doctor yesterday. I shot down to this awful chemist ASAP as it was required straight away. The Owner I presume told me to come back four hours later, as she had a pile to do first. I said it cant wait and asked them to give me the prescription and I will go elsewhere. So with a discontented remark, they passed me the prescription.
Within ten minutes at another chemist it was done and dusted.
Wait for the best bit, I went back today and they have put a bug sign up in the window, "If you don't like our service, go elsewhere."
How arrogant is that.
Walter Scott
Walter Scott2 years ago
Very good, until recently. Phone rings out and is left unanswered for hours. When eventually answered an abrasive, uncaring, belligerent and cynical attitude is delivered to the caller. My 92 year old father, a registered vulnerable patient and asthmatic living on his own (which they are well aware of), was left without vital medication after a delivery driver said he wasn't in (he was - all day, every day). In a panic, father rang me, after having tried for 3 hours to get through on the phone. I got through after just over 2 hours. Their various responses included....'Can' t he come to get it himself?'.' Why can't he send someone to get it for him? ' I explained I live in another country and could not pick it up for him...' So you have no idea about what is happening as you don't live here'. She hung up, saying, 'I don't like the way you are talking to me.' No resolution, no promise to look into and solve the problem. Father could have been dead in the chair, for all the consideration she displayed. Utterly shocking and callous even in these Covid times.
Spud Davies
Spud Davies2 years ago
Popped in to my local chemist to pick up antibiotics for my 1 year old. I appreciate they are busy, however, that doesn't excuse the terrible attitude I was faced with. I was told rudely 'we ain't got time now, come back later'.. don't think I'll bother going there again and would rather use an alternative chemist, despite having to travel further.
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