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31 Cole Green Ln, Welwyn Garden City AL7 3PP, United Kingdom

Boots Pharmacy
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QRR4+M7 Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom
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John Simmonds
John Simmonds
A friendly and helpful chemist who go the extra mile to help sort out prescriptions and give advice on medication. Their volume of work is displayed by the number of prescriptions that are awaiting collection. They do not deserve the abusive comments shown.
Micky Murphy
Micky Murphy165 days ago
I am a daily collector of medicine 6 days a week without fail and I must say I don't manage a chemist myself but I'm sure I'd find a way to run the boots in Woodhall a little more efficient than it is at the moment. Without June it's totally changed. There was no paracetamol anywhere but endless amounts of adult nappies and such. How is that a well stocked pharmacy I'm sure headaches are more usual than incontinence so why have a large area of nappies but a six inche space for painkillers
D S196 days ago
We all have bad days, but when you are customer facing a smile goes a long way! As does support for your customers! Don’t automatically assume that everyone who enters your store knows what they should do.. offer support with a friendly tone, not a growl!
Nima rajbhoj
Nima rajbhoj196 days ago
Service at Boots 31 Cole Green Ln, Welwyn Garden City AL7 3PP is Pathetic.the pharmacist or the lady who wears white work clothes, high pony tail and glasses refused to even look at computer to give me my prescription. I am pregnant and my meds were issued 7 days back. She waste the time by asking nhs number and then says we are closing soon I ain’t got time to look upto the computer.. go to tescos. Why should I go anywhere else if my gp sent you the meds. Guys it’s time to change your chemist asap
This incident happened today on 7/11/22.deserves 0 star for customer service. They really avoid working if they can and lie to the customers that their meds have not arrived.
Richard Martin
Richard Martin226 days ago
The pharmacist shouldn’t be dealing with the general public, shes both arrogant and lacking in the empathy that’s necessary to be working within the care sector , furthermore it’s obvious to me and other people I’ve spoken with ,that the chemist staff are happier and the place runs smoother when she’s not there
Grace wilkinson
Grace wilkinson2 years ago
eleanor and georgia are always so amazing!! always serve me with a smile and go above and beyond, lovely girls
Martin Pecha
Martin Pecha2 years ago
If I could take away stars I would give them -1 atleast.

Every time anyone goes for a perscription no matter what it is or how long ago it was issued they always say "come back in 30 minutes".
This time I waited 24 hours since prescription was issued. I hopped that this would have ben enough time for them to prepare the medication.
I was wrong. A day later even though pharmacy was absolutely empty with noone inside they had the cheek to tell me to come back in 15 minutes.

As noone was inside I enquired if they could go ahead and sort it out now, they descided to do it after the lady told me that "Ill sort it out after im finished doing what im doing."
They realy took their time to sort out my pils.
Anne Freedman
Anne Freedman2 years ago
Chemist completely understaffed, swamped by customers. Had to wait 30mns to ask for an item that they told me they no longer have in stock. Queue was from the counter to outside with people being ill and leaving the shop without their prescription. I am not blaming the staff, but I am blaming the organisation. Pharmacies have money to invest in staff. Now going to a supermarket's chemist.
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