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Quadrant Pharmacy
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Franceska McCullough (Toothpickmoon)
Franceska McCullough (Toothpickmoon)
The older lady behind the counter with the shoulder length dark reddish hair is very aggressive and always seems ready for battle no matter what she is dealing with. Twice in the last month, I've come in to ask for specific products and both times, she's given me an angry retort and then launched into a tirade about how she feels on the topic. Apart from being highly unprofessional, it's also a great way to lose customers, myself and including anyone else who listened when she's reacted to a customer question.
I will never go in the Pharmacy again. What a horrible woman.
Sarah Allen
Sarah Allen
I shant be using this pharmacy again. I had 2 switch from the chemist that I was using when corna first started as the pharmacy I was using would not deliver 2 my front door. I wished that I had never switched. Every time I put a prescription in there is always a problem. They also lie to me saying that not all my meds are on my repeat when they are cause I checked with my drs, but last time I ordered my meds they told me that my dr had refused 2 prescribe 1 of my meds when she didnt. It's not just the front line staff they have lied 2 me but so has the female manager. There attuide is not particularly friendly either. I felt so strongly that I would not use this pharmacy again that I have now switched back 2 another 1 even though I'm having 2 self isolate due 2 having 2 lung conditions
Haffy M
Haffy M104 days ago
Avoid this pharmacy if possible! The pharmacist is so grumpy and very unhelpful. The other staff were friendly and so much more helpful even though they could help me fully!!
IamPsychiatry196 days ago
Thank you for your help and support with our patient’s private prescriptions. This is much appreciated.
Olivia Riddle
Olivia Riddle2 years ago
Always have a good experience here. Staff are helpful and there's only typically a short wait for a prescription.
Michelle Haworth
Michelle Haworth2 years ago
Terrible service waited 40 minutes for a prescription. Staff not helpful
Marc2 years ago
An elderly customer of yours told me personally that when she came in to the pharmacy needing a repeat prescription, which hadn't been authorised yet, she was spoken to very rudely and when finally picking up the medication the comment made to her by the pharmacist was 'i hope you've learned your lesson'. I find this behaviour shocking and reprehensible.
Judith Asher
Judith Asher2 years ago
Excellent service, from pharmacists and other assistants. They are very knowledgeable and helpful. We have had our medication delivered during lockdowns as I have shielded. The delivery gentleman is a star!
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