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Pizza Hut Delivery

Unit 7, Orchard House, Cambridge CB4 2AD, United Kingdom

Pizza Hut Delivery
Pizza restaurant
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64P9+29 Cambridge, United Kingdom
+44 1223 425710
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Nikesh Solomon
Nikesh Solomon233 days ago
Dirty hair in food! Informed restaurant refused to help. Would give 0 stars.
Maneesha1 year ago
I want to strongly condemn your staff Adi's behaviour. My call is recorded it seems so plz listen to the conversation. I placed online order for my Child and tracker said it is gng to be delivered between 215 to 225. I called to chase around 228 229pm but finally connected to ur staff at 232pm. then I get updated by ur staff named Adi saying there is no driver and can't do anything I really got angry and said why didn't u update us and why online its showing that it will be delivered. He was rude and said I don't do it. Its online so u talk to pizza hut . I said how do i know that drivers are not available and whom do I talk to, who's incharge, who's the owner and can't u empathise with customer. this is not first time. It happens to us everytime but we never had such a rude answering staff.
He says he is not going to give me owner name. I said. That's not how u deal with customer and I am not asking for me but for my child and its still not delivered then why did u take order in first place. He said he didn't take it and that I didn't ask him before placing order and he is the only one working.
I said the country u are from are known to be kind and courteous but u r not. Can't u understand why customer is angry and the way u r talking is rude too.
He started saying that I am racist and I am Harrissing. Let me tell u I am from same country as him and called him again to say that's very wrong of u to say this. U are dng noble thing of serving food and u r labeling ppl as racist when they ask u to be kind and be a good example of the country we are from. He spoke really bad.
I want to sue him now. Plz ask him to apologise to me or I will not leave this topic here at all. And will take legal action too.
I need immediate action as I am not going to wait for more than 2 days on this to resolve. Adi must call me and apologise.
On The Sidelines
On The Sidelines1 year ago
Desperately slow, we ordered x2 average sized pizza at the same time was told 15mins which was fine but took a total of 45mins with both coming out at different times (15mins apart) we was offered complimentary garlic bread as a sorry for the slow service.
When we go home the pizza was poor, hardly any cheese topping and minimal pineapple. Basically tasted of just bread and ham. Very disappointed in Pizza Hut.
Adriana macario
Adriana macario1 year ago
Why they keep changing the menu for the worse why does dogs are cheesy bites away there was only thing balance for the good pizza, seriously, the manager from this place doesn’t know what is doing 👎👎
Pete Law
Pete Law2 years ago
So I'm staying in the Travel Lodge, starving after a four a.m set off from Leeds. Saw this place while purchasing some bevies from Tesco next door but one and instantly decided thats where I'll be getting my food from later. Ordered via the app so got two pizzas for a tenner. Honestly the worst pizza I have ever tasted, how is it possible to make pizza this bad??? What is black and burnt round the edge??? Why's everything so greasy??, And why oh why is the bottom of the pizza leaking base sauce???. I ain't no expert but this place has only been open a year and that's a miracle , glad I'm only here one night.
Brandon joubert
Brandon joubert2 years ago
We placed an order online on Friday evening and received a call shortly after saying they could not deliver due to closures on the A14 - fair enough as we all know how bad and frustrating the route can be. They assured us that they can deliver the following day, which we accepted.

Jump to Saturday we called at 12:15 asking them to deliver the order from the previous evening. At 13:18, still no pizza. So we called again only having them tell us that the order still hasn’t been place and that they will make the order immediately.

At around 14:20, it arrived...

We are fairly regular customers that they will not see anymore.
Catherine Pridmore
Catherine Pridmore2 years ago
Tasty pizza ready to collect within 15 minutes on a Saturday night. No complaints at all.
Nia elise
Nia elise2 years ago
Arrived after 90 mins of ordering stone cold and didn’t even get the right pizza.
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