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Inkersall Post Office

5 Summerskill Grn, Inkersall, Chesterfield S43 3SR, United Kingdom

Inkersall Post Office
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7J4H+6P Chesterfield, United Kingdom
+44 1246 472278
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Denise Clarke
Denise Clarke
Wow. I can’t believe the negative comments. The staff in this post office are really lovely. I have never ever had a problem with any of them. I think some people just don’t know how to treat others and that’s why they have a problem.
Lizzie Daff
Lizzie Daff
Always been most helpful and friendly on my visits to the Post Office
Andrew Harrison
Andrew Harrison
I use this branch very often and the staff are efficient and friendly.
Marcus Wainwright
Marcus Wainwright
Without doubt the most helpful and efficient Post Office I have ever used. The staff are great and always have taken time to offer any advice. So good, I now drive past other post offices to use this one.
Paul Faulkner
Paul Faulkner
I've had a number of problems on using this post office during the time I've lived locally; what happened yesterday tops the others.

My wife and I have separated but it's amicable and been trying to resolve ownership of our house for the last 6 months; I needed to urgently return transfer forms to my solicitors to complete its sale.

Having queued outside their shop for 40+ minutes (covid 19), its staff refused my request they countersign (=witness) my signature on the transfer deed "because they don't know me" (I didn't think that needing to know me was a prerequisite of watching me sign a piece of paper - and of course, I could produce my driving licence, etc, to prove who I am but let's not go there). THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY ENTITLED TO REFUSE SUCH A REQUEST, OF COURSE; however, it all kicked off when I then casually stated having been told they'd not provide this service that "I WILL SIMPLY *NEVER* GO TO THEIR SHOP AGAIN" because when I go to a post office, I expect people to try to be helpful and offer a service; not be over officious then argumentative in trying to justify what was a LUDICROUS REFUSAL for doing so.

Really, really, poor!

Other irksome moments:

: Wanting to know exactly what's in my parcels / packages when I've dropped them in there as part of using the normal postal service, with them being insistently prying on me telling them "nothing prohibited by law or the post office"

: 'Salivating' while telling me that a parcel intended for my wife (who now lives in Cyprus) was marginally over 2KG in weight so instead of it costing around £17 to send, it'd instead be about £58... It wasn't them who suggested I perhaps take something out if possible or if nothing else perhaps split the thing in two to make 2 parcels (which of course worst ways would only be 2 x £17 and not £58) - the look on his face when I said I'd alternatively send it as it was by DHL for £22...

: Their having already sold me rolls of stamps (ie my pre-payment); getting the ache because I was presenting them with pre-prepared envelopes for the recorded delivery service where they'd be taking no money at that instant; indeed talking of using recorded delivery like this I have had instances where I have handed a completely prepared envelope with its stamps and recorded delivery stickers attached which I've handed over, my then asking for "its receipt of posting" to be solely given a receipt of posting (the free ones) and not the ones which should come with the number for the recorded delivery service with the bar code, etc (So what are we paying for or pre-paying for??). Absent mindedness or borne of irritation, I wonder?

Nope, that's their lot. A total shambles. Over officious, stuck up, pompous, condescending, arrogant, unhelpful... And I will simply never give this post office my business again whilst the incumbent team are running it.

If you want people who want to help you, just about anywhere else is better than here, it really, really is!

Paul Faulkner
Amy Oxer
Amy Oxer107 days ago
Very helpful staff, lovely and inviting as I'm new to the area. Brilliant.
301davo2 years ago
I use this office regularly and find the staff are always friendly and helpful. Nothing is too much trouble for them. Highly recommend.
Gideon Hancock
Gideon Hancock2 years ago
Great friendly and perfessional service by the whole team in a lovely clean And bright environment.
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