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Household Recycling Centre

Brymbo Hall, The 5N, Lodge, Wrexham, United Kingdom

Household Recycling Centre
Recycling center
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3X74+PJ Wrexham, United Kingdom
+44 1978 801463
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Monday: 9–16
Tuesday: 9–16
Wedneasday: 9–16
Thursday: 9–16
Friday: 9–16
Saturday: 9–16
Sunday: 9–16
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David Sharples
David Sharples
Take all your recycling to the main depot plenty of staff to help you put in correct bin or even carry it to correct skip for you
Joanna Kinch (Jo Jo)
Joanna Kinch (Jo Jo)
A delight to find another skipping centre apart from Wrexham Industrial Estate, it's closer to me too. Easy acess and laid out well. Only downside is it doesn't open until 9 am, so bare that in mind, no good for early birds.
Luke Garner
Luke Garner
If I could give it no stars I would!!! Staff very rude.. Well done Wrexham Council so glad my taxes are being well spent!!!
Phil Hill
Phil Hill
Had to book in after an aborted turn up previously. Informed I was visiting tips too often and council will be after me. I am a nurse not a builder, I have just bought a house with a big overgrown garden. I have been working in it 5 days a week for the last 9 weeks and have accumulated a load of rubbish. What am I supposed to do with the rubbish collected. I'm not supposed to burn it and I'm not going to tip it on the moors, which appears to be some ******* prefer spot, so what do you do????
Franco Cargius
Franco Cargius87 days ago
Small operation with a lot squished into it. Can be prone to queues at popular times so pick your dump carefully. Its a good place to collect the free compost from the council. Don't use too much tho as ive heard that it can contain a compost accelerator. Whatever that is.
Helen Peake
Helen Peake209 days ago
Cannot get through, 4 Times nearly an EACH TIME THEN IT CUTS OFF !!!!!?? Fuming
Neil Clarke
Neil Clarke240 days ago
Very Good
Callum Davies
Callum Davies2 years ago
Arrived at brymbo recycling centre today with a small trailer not much rubbish in it and it does say on the website that trailers are not acceptable and so are Van's over a certain ton but as it is a small trailer we went to see if it would be acceptable so as we arrived at the gate we was told that we are not allowed to bring a trailer in as it does say on the website so the man on the gate said do you have your Identification but we was not told that we would need it to get in so had to go back to get it then when we got back he said your still not coming in even after he said I need your Identification so that was a massive waste of time and according to the website no Van's over a certain ton is not allowed in but clearly the Van's that are in the centre are way over the acceptable limit and they are businesses that are in their which had a lot more stuff then us it is an absolute disgrace of what we had to go through with just a small trailer of rubbish and being a key worker apparently is allowed in without any problems is clearly a lie this is absolutely disgusting of what we had to go through.
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