Guildhall Shopping Centre, Exeter EX4 3HH, United Kingdom

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PFF8+CJ Exeter, United Kingdom
+44 1392 432741
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Julie Allaway
Julie Allaway260 days ago
Sainsbury's is where I do my everyday shopping they have all / most my needs . The staff are always friendly and dont seem to change so I'm used to seeing the usual friendly and very helpful team !
CAT CATTERSON321 days ago
All the essentials. There is plenty of the usual brands but also a cheap own brand which is perfect for the students of the area. The store was super busy when we were in so prepare for queues. The staff were very friendly.
Amy Cat
Amy Cat352 days ago
They don't seem to be able to keep raw chicken sealed lately. On my left visit, I picked up a pallet of chicken legs and it was torn open, so was the next one I picked up.

On the previous visit, I picked up a raw chicken and it leaked raw chicken juice all over my jacket.

I've also got a chicken home, only to find one of the tips of the legs was poking out of the packet and had gone dry. Had to throw the whole thing away.

It's also getting very expensive. They keep pretending things are on offer, but it's just the normal price. So that when the offer ends they can increase the price massively.
Daniel Cooke
Daniel Cooke1 year ago
An excellent selection of well stocked produce often at surprisingly affordable prices. Their tireless team of workers deserve a healthy bonus coupled with a significant pay rise.

Well done people!
James Melrose
James Melrose1 year ago
Standard city Sainsbury's. A lot of convenience items, and enough range to cater for most needs, but doesn't necessarily have the breadth of stock that some of the larger stores may have. Often busy because of it's location. All in all, not bad.
Will Mason
Will Mason1 year ago
Don't buy the donuts they don't follow the recipe properly.

Basically bread rolls. Scam
Elizabeth Hetfield
Elizabeth Hetfield2 years ago
Wonderful place to shop in, its so full of everything you need for your shopping. The staff are so helpful and kept people moving nicely.
Danielle Furey
Danielle Furey2 years ago
Love shopping in here, although it's a poky shop it certainly gets very packed very quickly
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