Butterley Ln, Ripley DE5 3QP, United Kingdom

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3J33+HC Ripley, United Kingdom
+44 1773 513262
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Nell260 days ago
Nice store. Good choice of wares. TU clothing section. Never anyone on the checkouts so you have to go to self service, which usually doesn’t go well for me as something goes wrong or Age restricted sale needs authorising and the staff are never watching for the lights 🤔😂 Shocking mobile signal in the car park and store is even worse but they do have free wifi 😃
Rob Sheldrake
Rob Sheldrake291 days ago
Can't fault this branch. Clean and tidy, friendly staff and always fresh veg. Decent size clothing and home sections and having an Argos inside is pretty handy. Car park is large and well laid out and there's a petrol station with a reasonably priced automated car wash
Tomas K
Tomas K291 days ago
Shop with the most essentials... petrol stations nearby feel like a quiet remote location which is nice sometimes... As prices rise everywhere I can't say this one is better or worse over other shops💁 will visit again anyways despite anything as it's on my way most of time so its convenient to pass by
Jørgen Slings
Jørgen Slings291 days ago
Terrible experience with mal functioning hand scanner but kept my cool and mentioned it at "fast checkout" before committing purchase to machine. Since their computer system failed to take the excessive melon purchases out due to computer glitch, the system regarded me as suspicious and a FULL scan had to be made. I politely refused and suggested to take 10 to 15 products at random as normal supermarkets do. Especially since I had small items already neatly bagged up. The cashier insisted and I asked to speak to the manager who could not be bothered to show up after being called 3 times. Unpacked everything, handed in my Nectar card and told the cashier when the manager does show up, tell them their lack of service has lost them a customer.
Mark Thawley
Mark Thawley1 year ago
I do believe that as a grocery shopping experience, something I hate, it couldn't be better, the layout of the store is spacious, allowing you to browse without feeling that you are blocking others from shopping, the use of scan and shop and the savings associated with it make my weekly shop no greater than your budget supermarkets but with the added bonus of more choice.
J FBH1 year ago
Excellent service from the checkout staff member that always remembers my Stepdad and asks after him. Makes him feel very valued.
David Naylor
David Naylor2 years ago
Visited here on Boxing day, I was not disappointed.
Shop was well stocked with everything I needed including bread and eggs! Although comparatively some items are more expensive here there were some Boxing day bargains to be found especially in the meats. Petrol prices were low here so I filled up too.
Martin Hollingsworth
Martin Hollingsworth2 years ago
Dire! Father fell over entering the store and turned out he broke his arm. No help given by staff and left for another random shopper to treat him on the floor in the doorway.
Promised phone calls back by store Manager once reported but once it was clear injury was more than a sprain, dropped feedback or help like a hot potato.
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