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Antonio Isaac de Abreu
Antonio Isaac de Abreu
It would be easy to say that this is just another supermarket but you have to come here to understand.

Not only does this place have a real buzz - like other people have mentioned, - it just feels different. They have a fantastic bakery with the best Portuguese Custard tarts around (Pasteis de nata) the story is clean, they have a lot of variety, brands we are not familiar with & their meat section is really good.

Pricing is fantastic & they easily beat the other two in the area. I bought some of the pasta & pasta sauces which were unknown brands to me. It was really fantastic & I'll certainly buy again!

Lots of parking, but do make sure to bring a one Pound coin for the trolley.

Thanks Lidl, you've made shopping for good quality groceries that much better & cheaper.
Thomas206 days ago
A lovely Lidl with a great bakery and excellent parking facilities. Prices are competitive and at parity with the nearby Aldi.
Does not have self-checkout. The aisles are rather slim and other Lidl stores have a more pleasant experience with wider aisles and more space. Queues can be long if bulk buyers are around. Later in the evening most fresh food aisles are nearly empty. Keep that in mind.
Liao mei
Liao mei206 days ago
NO SELF CHECKOUT. Or it would have been 5 stars. The food is great value but the queues are always too long at the checkout. The stock levels can be up and down and can be annoying too. But overall the value for money is very good. The self checkout needs to be done asap. i feel that this is a necessity and well overdue. after all who wants to stand behind someone with a weeks load of groceries just to buy lunch.
Rod Linford
Rod Linford206 days ago
Well stocked , clean, polite staff. Remove the plastic hand gloves from the bakery as multiple hands touch the outside of gloves, you then use to pickup your croissants
Isabella Gottardi
Isabella Gottardi298 days ago
Shop can be easily busy and therefore you can't find all the products you need, but overall it's well stocked and the workers are always helpful. One plus, the bakery is always well stocked with fresh baked goodies.
Lidl plus card now also allow to access to special discounts during the month and based on your monthly shop.
Kalana Jayasinghe
Kalana Jayasinghe298 days ago
I had a really bad experience at the cashier. I produced a £50 note and the cashier and the floor manager started treating me like a suspect and took almost 10mins to check the note.

And they went to the extent of comparing it with one from the till.

After all that analysis, they didn't even say a simple thank you or sorry for the trouble.

Probably they had many cases of counterfeit money recently, but there is a proper way to deal with a customer.
Sheenu thomas
Sheenu thomas2 years ago
I had a very bad experience on 6/12/2022 at 7.37pm counter no. 3. There was a faulty smell while I was in a queue, the lady at the counter started staring at me and decided it was me even though there were 5 people near the counter.She was mocking at me and started telling people behind me as it was me. EVEN after all these, I thought of leaving the place disheartened. She started spraying perfume on me :) , In front of all the people. I was mentally down and shocked, I didn't know what to do as I felt so low and desperate. Later I realised I should notice this incident to the shift manager as this should not happened to anyone else. He listened everything carefully and told me he was sorry for the incident. Please make sure employees treat customers properly. I am hoping she didn't do it because I was the only Asian guy in that queue.
Angkana Huang
Angkana Huang2 years ago
People including me come here for cheap food. I find that things aren't always cheaper than Aldi, the competitor a block away, while quality of the products seems to be slightly lower here. That said, giving it four stars for having these boxes of things that exceed their self lives. I hauled a box home for 1.5gbp and find no problem enjoying in them. Felt great for saving the food waste.
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