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PFC9+4X Exeter, United Kingdom
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Susan Wetherell
Susan Wetherell240 days ago
Great taxi company. Booking confirmed by text. They tell you when the driver is on the way and then tell you when it has arrived, the driver's name and the car details so very safe and reassuring. Drivers are friendly and helpful and the journeys are reasonably priced. Most importantly, they are always on time. This is the only taxi company locally I will be using from now on.
Sam edwards
Sam edwards270 days ago
Just had my first taxi with them and Marcin. Was a 10 mile trip. Really friendly driver who arrived a few minutes early but was happy to wait. The car was clean, the price was fair and the driver was excellent. Had to prepay due to location but was very easy via text. The phone operator for the service was also incredibly helpful. Will be using them again frequently for work. Thanks!
Malice Kitten (Malice Kitten)
Malice Kitten (Malice Kitten)270 days ago
Booked a taxi and was not disappointed. Taxi was there within a few minutes, got me where I wanted to go quickly and helped me with my luggage. Driver was lovely and polite. Excellent service, will definitely call again next time I visit Exeter.
G E301 days ago
Late and rude, strongly recommend against using them. I booked four hours in advance and when I called up 10 minutes after I was supposed to be collected, the woman on the phone laughed at me, was incredibly rude and then hung up on me. An absolute joke.
01habbo331 days ago
Booked a taxi at 7:30 this morning to go to work. At 7:40 rang up to hear an automated voice to tell me they were still searching for a driver for me and couldn't give me an estimated wait time. First time I booked in a long time to get to work as no public transport was available to get me in on time. Had to cancel to avoid getting in later than public transport. Had I known there were no drivers I would have rang someone else.
Stuart Pritchard
Stuart Pritchard331 days ago
Shocking. Cab booked for Friday 2nd December for 4.30pm. No updates, no ability to call. Spoke to the cabby at 5.15 and he told me he was cancelling the pick up. 6 of us left in the freezing cold. Avoid at all costs in my opinion. Terrible cab firm
Bao Mao
Bao Mao2 years ago
The system takes your booking on the phone without telling you how long you need to wait.
It also tells you they have an app, but if you search Nned a cab on apple store numerous apps jumps out and you can't tell which one it is. I looked on their website too and there was no link (or not obvious at least) to take me directly to their app.
So overall impossible to book a taxi without hassle
Terry Johnson
Terry Johnson2 years ago
Terrible taxi service, booked a taxi 3 hours in advance for 8:30pm waited till 8:30pm for my taxi for it to not turn up, waited 5 minutes then called them and was told by an automated robot that they had no drivers available on a Thursday when I pre-booked, surely if you don’t have drivers available you wouldn’t accept the booking, made me late, had a woman who was laughing and very unserious when I initially booked up, just read some other reviews seems to be the same woman causing people problems, very unorganised service, had to book with Apple who luckily came 10 minutes after otherwise I would have been late, definitely won’t be using them again.
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