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Blue John Cavern

Cross St, Castleton, Hope Valley S33 8WH, United Kingdom

Blue John Cavern
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85WW+6H Hope Valley, United Kingdom
+44 1433 620638
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Kat220 days ago
I ended up here after passing the entrance on a walk and was begged by my son to go down the mine! I can honestly say it wasn't my personal choice to go on the tour but that I actually quite enjoyed it. It was interesting and the guide was very informative and kept us engaged. There's lots of steep steps which take you down and then you obviously have to make your way back up on the return. I do think it's quite expensive, we paid £40 for 2 adults and a 5 year old but as I said I hadn't planned on that being part of our day.
Petra Versteeg (Dutchess)
Petra Versteeg (Dutchess)281 days ago
The most beautiful area of the Peak District. Plenty of walking /hiking routes up the ridge to Mam Tor and walking the ridge. Free car park was a bonus also. A couple of cafes where you can get hot drinks and snacks.
Jaimun Nayee
Jaimun Nayee1 year ago
Really good your of the caverns with guides who are really passionate about what they do. Our guide had who was possibly in his late 40s/50s had been working the mines since he was very young so knew the area incredibly well. Bring shoes with strong grip as it's slippery in the caverns! Parking situation is okay but you'll want to get there on the earlier side of the day as it gets pretty full with people hiking Mam Tor and the Great Ridge. The caverns themselves are a really cool place to experience. It is definitely worth the ticket price! Lots of cool geological features to see. There are toilets on site as well as a gift shop with non-destructively sourced Blue John.
Chris Gledhill
Chris Gledhill1 year ago
Nice tour down the mine which is actually mostly natural cave. Takes about an hour. There’s 400+ steps so you need to be fit. It’s a bit expensive but worth it if you’re interested in the history. I took my two young children on the tour and they loved it. It gets cold 7C at the bottom so take a jumper. It’s a bit expensive for what it is in my opinion but glad we did it once. There are toilets here and a gift shop.
Lee Shellam
Lee Shellam1 year ago
Had a great family day out in the Peak District. A great tour of the Blue John Cavern. Do take a packed lunch though ! The shop on site had ran out of pot noodles the day we visited ! Mam tor sits right opposite so a climb to the top after to take in the sights !
Dilan Amaratunga
Dilan Amaratunga1 year ago
I have been to blue John cavern few years Back but the excitement still the same.
You have to walk in to the cave at least 290 odd steps some places are swisty and slippery. Is your are a six footer keep you head low in some parts. I wish
If I had my own spot flash light so that I can lit up the dark corner as a please.
If you are travelling close by make sure you take some decent food to eat unless you wants to wait till you get back to main road.
Mick Dixon
Mick Dixon1 year ago
This was an experience I'll remember. Feels like a journey to the centre of the earth at times with 200+ steps down into the cavern.
Some beautiful rock formations to see.
Not for the faint hearted as it is a bit of a steep stair climb at points.
Magda Brzdąk
Magda Brzdąk1 year ago
It’s a nice tour, but not sure if it’s worth paying £18 for.
Quite pricey for a 45 minute tour, especially that there area so many other caverns too in the are and they’re all £18 to enter. It’s a bit of a hit and miss.
If you’re interested in stuff like that, I’m sure you’ll love it!
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